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  1. Yeah, that’s what I did, no high mileage. 120,000KM is like 70,000 miles, not much. Bottle is just deceptive.
  2. Redline does make good oil that is overpriced. (The apple of oil) Runs good in my Corolla. So SAE 30 is only Dino or can it be a full synthetic/ synthetic blend for 6V71 applications?
  3. I wonder if Redline makes 30WT for diesel application since the only 30WT I saw was with their racing oil (technically a 10W-30 but it just says 30WT on it)
  4. What oil does it use? I think the S-50s used 15W-40.
  5. It's awesome seeing 2252 with the logo but it can be risky since some fans or salty GSW fans can take things too far.
  6. I'd also like to add that the TTC board members could have a physical reference of seeing previous buses bought so they can look out for things they need or don't need. Basically if per se 2252, 7575, (a 62xx bus if they ever find one and decide to second chance it), etc... were on display, it can help decipher in what to look for when procuring new vehicles.
  7. When something becomes niche, it becomes special. A preserved New Look in the early nineties would be not so special but since there aren't as much trundling down the road, it became special. Give a bus some time and it shall become special in their own way. Anyways, back on topic, will possibly be checking Langilles for new loads for the heap.
  8. The graffiti lacks creativity and is too mainstream. *Sips soy espresso macchiatto.
  9. TTC 8660 On 43A Kennedy To Steeles GO Bus Detour in Stouffville due to house fire.
  10. GO: MCI Current Livery involved with T-Bone accident with a light blue 2006-2010 Honda Civic in Stouffville
  11. In July, I'll take a look again of what is at the scrapyard to confirm retirements.
  12. Holy "sCrap"! It won't be long till 1824 for example gets mangled up with an old refrigerator. They could have kept the bike racks for spare parts.
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