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  1. Glad no one got hurt. I wonder if it’s an overheating wire or a loose connection.
  2. Tell that to my lumbar area. (Or at least that is my experience with the YRT VIVA artic fleets passenger wise, can’t say for driving since I am not a bus driver)
  3. I know initially before the rebuild, I did see 7794's number decal adhesive backing remains or the outline of with 7882 plastered on it and same goes for 7666 I think. (BEFORE the rebuilds)
  4. They look like rows of toothpaste tubes next to each other.
  5. I still find it ironic that the newer models retire before the older models. I guess the saying they don't make em like they use to rings true here imo.
  6. Ideally, when will all the VII hybrids be pulled from service? (Particularly the NGs)
  7. "When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life." Mufasa It is interesting seeing the cycle of life. The old stuff has to clear way for the new. The new stuff has to clear a path for the newer stuff when the time comes. It really does pain me to see this picture but we have a choice. Mope around wishing this didn't happen, or accept the fact and cherish the memories. Let's now divert our attention to the 7900+ busses so we don't miss out on them.
  8. Hey guys, so I recently passed by Langilles Scrap and Cores and so far, I only saw TTC 1803 and another Hybrid in que to get scrapped. So in other words, I did not see 7929, 7936, 8095, the other hybrids, and the one that was supposed to be preserved, presumably.
  9. Wasn’t 1650 brought back into service a long with 1500 months back? Idk if the rest of the 15xx+ repainted unrebuilt units will last into 2021.
  10. TTC: 3574 36 Finch West 8602 45 Kipling Miway: 0866 5 Dixie
  11. I know the engine blew on 7936 but 8095 seems quite young to be retired. But then again, they retired Boeing 777 jets less than 14 years old since they are worth more in parts than a complete aircraft.
  12. TTC: OG Livery 9094 Novabus Artic LFS on 53 Steeles East
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