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  1. Whenever I go in the city nowadays, I can’t help but feel slightly odd with the 3100+ buses running on Kennedy and other former Eglinton routes since my brain is hardwired hearing the sounds of the 7400-7881 series buses and to an extent, the New Looks and Classic that preceded them. I mean don’t get me wrong, the 3100s seats have waaaay better back support but I feel kinda bummed not seeing the Detroit VIIs running.
  2. TTC: 1402 - 169 Huntingwood 3183 - 939 Finch Express
  3. Technically yesterday but: TTC: 1575 - 132 Milner 9216 - 16 McCowan 3342 - 43 Kennedy
  4. I think C-FITL is the first one since it was delivered in 2007 I believe.
  5. Taken Yesterday: TTC 1655 On 131 Nugget This unit had a horrendous whine as it passed by Malvern community centre. Is it the traction motor conking out?
  6. TTC 7029 and 7032 are intact in this June 2021 photo but I don’t know for how long.
  7. At A Medium Pace - Adam Sandler (Listener discretion is strongly advised)
  8. Year 4021 be like 8000-8099 go through their 23,578 rebuild.
  9. Idk if someone already answered this but when are the 8000s going to be leaving?
  10. Glad no one got hurt. I wonder if it’s an overheating wire or a loose connection.
  11. Tell that to my lumbar area. (Or at least that is my experience with the YRT VIVA artic fleets passenger wise, can’t say for driving since I am not a bus driver)
  12. I know initially before the rebuild, I did see 7794's number decal adhesive backing remains or the outline of with 7882 plastered on it and same goes for 7666 I think. (BEFORE the rebuilds)
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