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  1. I know the engine blew on 7936 but 8095 seems quite young to be retired. But then again, they retired Boeing 777 jets less than 14 years old since they are worth more in parts than a complete aircraft.
  2. TTC: OG Livery 9094 Novabus Artic LFS on 53 Steeles East
  3. GO Transit - Bus 2548 in the parking lot of Stouffville. (It was at where the old skate park used to be) I was coming home from grocery shopping when I took these photos.
  4. DUDE, ENOUGH! I was no where near any people and well beyond the 6ft rule. I did not travel to any foreign countries in the past 14 days so I am not legally required to isolate. Yes, it is highly recommended people stay home but I was wearing a mask and had hand sanitizer. I was out of my car for less than 30 seconds. I had made no contact with any other individuals and limited my time outside. Same rule applies to cyclists and joggers.
  5. Sup my homies! I went by Langilles Scrap Yard and I found TTC 1565. That is the only TTC bus there. There were two GO transit buses next to a school bus in the holding lot. Pictures were taken on Sunday, April 12th, 2020.
  6. I mean if it is a non disclosure agreement, then we can’t fault him.
  7. I'd choose the Classic personally but it would be tough since all of them are special. The Fishbowl has that iconic old movie city bus look and the CLRV is on a lot of post cards aside from the C.N. Tower.
  8. Fresh coat of paint, re upholstering fabric on the seats, replacing locking beams, re applying new decals, and etc...
  9. TTC: ES-0 (Ex-7900) Blockade For New Years 2020
  10. I made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement... Anyways, I will check somewhere next week to see if there are any more NG Hybrid units at Langilles.
  11. Actually two are Focaccia and one is pumpernickel.
  12. So the low 7900’s are going to parade on in 2020?
  13. Is 8058 going to be retrofitted with power steering or does it have it already?
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