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  1. Well as you can see we’re just starting to get our training dates finally, so I don’t think you should be that far from getting yours. Looks like there’s lots of classes starting this month and next month. I did my medical June 5th so you’re right behind me.
  2. Congratulations!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Arrow was my Dream location
  3. Thank you for the update, and congratulations on passing.
  4. Thanks man! Yes my documentation was August 8th. You should be getting yours soon
  5. Finally Got my training date today more than a month after documentation. Starting October 15 and heading to Mt Dennis after. Good luck to everyone still waiting it could be another 25 days after we’re done training. Super nervous about going to Mt. Dennis
  6. Hi guys! so I finally got the email today for documentation, which is on Wednesday 8th at 9am. Super excited things are finally moving!
  7. Nope still waiting, hoping no news means good news.
  8. 1) Date Applied - April 20 2) Date Invitation Received - May 15 3) Date of Info Session - May 22 4) Date of Medical - June 5 5) Date received police clearance - July 6 Now I’m waiting for medical clearance, should be any day now.
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