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  1. WindowsXPFan9317

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Screw it
  2. WindowsXPFan9317

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Ima make a map of meh system
  3. WindowsXPFan9317

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    UPDATE 20 XE40S are being delivered 10 proterra Catalyst BE40s are being delivered Artics are now allowed 20 XN60S and XD60s are being delivered. The rest are being built. total 80 49 Nova LFSA'S are being delivered 21 are still being built total 70 Fart transit has decided to order the Nova LFS CNG, HEV 40 foot, and HEV 60 foot
  4. WindowsXPFan9317

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    I made one called Fart Transit FLEET Orion VII CNG Old Gen Orion VII NG CNG Orion VII NG 3G/EPA Orion VII NG HEV Orion V DIESEL Orion V CNG New Flyer XD40 New Flyer XN40 New Flyer C40LF Nova Bus RTS Nova Bus LFS Motor Coach Industires D4500 Motor Coach Industries D4500CT NO ARTICS ALLOWED BECAUSE I HAVE NO LIFE Routes No routes have been made yet
  5. WindowsXPFan9317

    Paperbus Thread

    Has anyone made this
  6. WindowsXPFan9317

    Paperbus Thread

    Has any one made A Orion 7 Old Gen Hybrid yet
  7. WindowsXPFan9317

    Paperbus Thread

    Anybody have more nice bus paper models???
  8. WindowsXPFan9317

    What models of buses have you rode on?

    MTA NYC R32 idk if i rode this my mind keeps saying i rode one R42 R46 R62 R62A (the ones that were on the 7) R68 R68A R142 R142A R143 R160 (siemens, A-1, A-2 and Cuomo wrap) R188 Bus: Orion V Orion V CNG Orion VII CNG Old Gen Orion VII Old Gen HEV Orion VII NG HEV (normal, and the ones on the S79 +SBS+) New Flyer C40LF New Flyer XD40 New Flyer XN40 New Flyer XN60 Nova Bus and TMC RTS Nova Bus LFS Nova Bus LFSA Bee-Line Orion V Neoplan AN460 NICE Bus (the shittiest transit i ever rode): Orion VII NG CNG (1700s and 1800s) New Flyer XN40 Dats all for now
  9. WindowsXPFan9317

    Transit Drawings

    It kind looks lik a C40LF but idk what to call it
  10. One time when i was On a Jamacia-179th Street bound (F) train a poor guy came in the train at 57th Street .the poor guy asked for money (i was with my dad and mom) then when he came up to my dad and asked him for money my dad said "i no giving money" then the poor guys starts being racist to him he sweared at him in spanish he said: p***he ca***n p**o and offended his race: hispanic. Then when we arrived at 21st Street Queensbridge the poor guy got off everyone felt a relief A week before that while i was riding a Jamacia Center Bound (E) train a poor guy came in at 7th Ave-53rd Street he starts asking people (like usual) money. Then the poor guy offended everyone. Then a woman stares at him.and he asks "are you gonna give me money" then the woman replies with "no". Then he replies with "THEN WHY THE F**K ARE YOU STAREING AT ME". when he got off at Queens Plaza. Everything was back to normal during Late May-Mid July when i ride ethier a (F) or (G) then when we get to like Caroll Street there is This homeless Lady that comes in (i remember what she says all the time) she says "i am homeless and in need of some spare change or food, i would like to use it ALL" when whe got to like Bergen street depending on the car we are on she gets off and moves to the next one. On September 8th i saw that same lady outside of The Bedford-Nostrand Ave On August 27th (I dont remember) some poor guy entered A 34th St Hudson Yard boun <7> train he was selling welchs and oreos. Then he stared at me. With 2 bags of Welchs one was island fruits and the other was berries n cherries
  11. WindowsXPFan9317

    Paperbus Thread

    I have my own color printer
  12. WindowsXPFan9317

    Paperbus Thread

    nice paperbuses you made