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  1. Wow. I rocketed past those who went to the August Info Session. Just finished the September Info Session and was conditionally hired. They told us we were very lucky as we did not have to do the job shadowing. They won't even need to check references. All in all, the process was super sped up. We did the written assessment and aptitude test and they were marked VERY fast, must have been 15-20 minutes or so before we were told if we were successful or not. (They played the price is right music when calling us down lol) The interview itself was even more sped up. It was only 4 questions and it seemed as if they really wanted us to answer as fast as possible, not in detail. It must have been a 10 minute interview. The best part was all the interviews were in one room so it was LOUD. It wasn't a one on one in a quiet room. Definitely less nerve wracking with all those people around. Good luck to everyone else!
  2. Have any Van Hools been transferred to Southeast Division. My friend swears he rode one on Route 8 Kennedy.
  3. Sep 26 Info Session. Will be the sped up type with interviews on the spot.
  4. So they contacted you at 7am for an interview the same day at 11am...how is that possible...
  5. Hey guys, I was just wondering if you guys could posts your timelines? I noticed new trainees used to post them extensively back in 2014-2015 but notably decreased in the past few years. It would be helpful as the process has changed so much (sped up) compared to past years. Thanks 1) Date Applied 2) Date Invitation Received 3) Date of Info Session 4) Date Interview Requested 5) Date of Interview etc... It would be helpful even if you are still at #3 and new to the process. Make an account lurkers (I see you ). I'd like to see just how fast things are now.
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