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  1. Nikon D3500 camera with an 18-55mm lens and a 70-300mm lens A "build your own jet engine” basically a working jet engine model that you can build. Unfortunately there are a couple parts missing. Best Buy gift cards T-shirts and a dress shirt Many books
  2. Oops, I thought they were signed on to two consecutive blocks but turns out it just accounted for rest time.
  3. Could you add that to the wiki please?
  4. The only thing I notice was that there is a bus 2599.
  5. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Gainesville_Regional_Transit_System_1901 should be changed from 1901 to 1901-1903.
  6. 762 has been delivered. Does anyone know anything about this order of buses and what they will be replacing.
  7. I would assume that that panel had some body work that needed to be done so they removed the wrap or that part of the wrap simply fell off. I believe that at one point the whole side of the bus was wrapped.
  8. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but 7292 is at HTC and is therefor retired.
  9. The 400s date from 2007-2016 so they are brand new compared to the 100s and 300s
  10. Spotted 12008 a week ago with them but no other unit has been retrofitted so far.
  11. Thx but using T-Comm works too. https://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus/18330 Did something happen to the reindeer bus last week because it didn’t finish its run on the 9th and only reappeared Friday afternoon.
  12. Boy do I ever wish this was true. With the Max 8s grounded there have only been 5 A320s that have retired in the last year. This leaves 35 A320s left. Sigh. I absolutely hate Air Canada’s old ass A320s where half the time I get on the TVs don’t work and every time I sit down my knees are flattened by the seat in front of me. Not only that but I find the A320 such a bland aircraft, same goes with the 321 (except the Ex. WoW Air ones because they have actual leg room) and the 319. None of the 3 A320s that Rouge operates are Ex. Air Canada. They are all Ex. InterJet
  13. The tracks are getting old and with all this track that needs attention, track work is falling behind.
  14. Nah he didnt, He used his friends smoker. He experience with chicken which was alright and beef which peronaly I wasnt a fan of. The problems with a regular upright smoker is that all the juices from the top rack drip on the other rack which bassically ruins the taste of the other racks. This is really stupid because it happened with the salmon, the chicken and the beef. Do you have any advice on how this could be fixed other than just smoking on rack at a time. We tried that but it takes up a lot of pucks and takes a lot of time.
  15. Mmmmmm my dad made smoked salmon the other day and HOLY SHIT was it ever good.
  16. Shaking my head at why such a thread exists...
  17. My guess is 674. Anyone have any info on future orders or on anymore retired Phantoms?
  18. Apparently the last 11 ETIs have been retired.
  19. @neoartic7101 I am going to kindly ask to to read the photo guidlines before posting anymore pictures on the wiki page. Many of your pictures do not follow the guidlines with object blocking the bus, only one side of the bus shown or parts of the bus cut out of the picture. Here's a list of the pictures on the wiki that do not comply with the guidlines S207: Cone in the way but im not that picky so that can stay 2702?: Theres no visible fleet numbers on the bus so who knows what the real number is but its posted in the 2600 section 3534: The ass-end of the bus is cut off and the photo is pretty zommed out. 3535: The ass-end is cut out of the picture and the front is blocked by bushes 4002: Ohh no just kiding, when you zoom in it clearly says 4102 not only that but only one side of the bus is shown 4714: Not only is only one side of the bus shown but the lighting is not the best @Jan Boic @2044 @A. Wong If these photos could be deleted (except S207 because it seems fine) and could this user get a reminder of what the guidlines are. Thank you, I dont mean to start hatred or drama but I like the wiki to look professional and these contributions dont make it look professional
  20. Oxford has 5 Ex. Calgary Transit Grande West Vicinity 30' . Oxford has ordered 5 new Grande West Vicinity 30' buses so these leases are only around until the new units arrive. https://www.oxfordeagle.com/2019/08/12/oxford-university-transit-unveil-new-look-buses/
  21. Found this Arboc for sale and it was pretty obvious that it used to be a BC Transit unit. https://vancouver.craigslist.org/rds/hvd/d/langley-city-2013-chevrolet-4500-medium/7028765505.html I was wondering if anyone could identify it.
  22. Never mind, admins please delete this post.
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