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  1. First the Surrey LRT, then this. What next an LRT along kingsway. What is with Vancouver and loving LRT The b-line hasn't even begun operation along 41st, why l we all of a sudden need an LRT. I believe they should see how the b-line goes and then they should make the decision for an upgrade like for example; more frenquency or even maybe hi-articulate busses but not and LRT. Currently there is not enough demand for and LRT on 41st. maybe in about 10 years there will be enough demand for bi-articulate busses but LRT is too much and a waste of money and time. Also the roads in Kerrisdale between West boulevard and Larch street is way too narrow for there to Ben a train track in the middle of the road.
  2. When it comes time to retire those unit, maybe, but these unit have yet to receive their rebuilds/refurbishments in a couple of year. Though an other unit might have other problems (for example; and accident or fire) leading that unit to be retired earlier than expected.
  3. Remember when R12024 looked like this. and nobody complained about how hideous it looked with its new paint job and how much of a bad idea this was on Translinks part. ohh the good old days. (Credit to peter McLaughlin for the photo, busdrawings.com)
  4. There are two 2009 shorter C2s at Stratfordhall numbered 3 and 4 in Vancouver that are planned to be retired by the end of the school year. Come snap some pics of them before they are gone. Go during the weekend or there will be people yelling at you. Number 4 has been having multiple mechanical failures so it may not be there and may be at a local garage.
  5. I do not think so as there are still 60 D60LFs in service most of which are running perfectly fine. There will one l'y be 63 new XDE60 and that would mean a one for one replacement with the D60LFs and I highly doubt Translink would do that. With all the service expansions going on these busses will mostly be for expansion and they may also replace older D60LFs as they severely break down or as their maintenance cost go to high.
  6. Forgot to mention but I spotted B8103 (ex.713) with an MV 88** lisence plate at UBC loop today
  7. 8104 (ex. 714) is doing the route it was originally sent to Bluebus for but that it didn't end up doing it half as much as it should have. https://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus/8104
  8. R12011 was having some issues with its fare box today On my way from UBC to Larch the fare box spit 6 tickets without to operator even asking for them after the sixth one came out to operator got pissed and hit the little fare box controller screen and after that it didn't spit out anymore tickets. I guess that farebox has a mind of its own and all it needed was some discipline, LOL πŸ˜‚
  9. Can y'all stop bugging some relatively new kid who is just trying to contribute to the topic and while doing so, made a small mistake in one of his posts and please get back on topic
  10. But I don't understand why Translink would add service on this route when there's isn't enough equipment forcing BTC to use about 2 Novas a day when they could be using one artic instead On the other hand, why did RTC reactivate/get 4 old D60LFs, has RTC added service on the 49 or the 620?
  11. I don't think that they will screw up because the only time that the bus number was wrong (to my knowledge) was the E40LFR 2200 and that was with New Flyer and the fleet number might have even been applied at the garage.
  12. Just spotted 9644 on the 43 I thought this was suppose to be an artic only route. What is going on? Is BTC having a small artic shortage because they took over the 257 which need at least about 4-6 artic during peak and they only took over 3 artics and three novas which they can't put on the 257 because they promised that it would be an artic only route so they are about 2-4 artics short or are many artics in the garage getting maintenance or their midlife refurbishment/ rebuilt???
  13. Sorry to bump this topic but when are these busses suppose to start production/delivery because about a third of the XN40 are here and the novas should start entering service soon so shouldn't the XDE60s be ready to enter service soon or has there been a big delay in production?
  14. I think they will start entering service in September for the September service changes
  15. I have also noticed bay designations at 41st and Cambie
  16. It will probably be used as a parts bus for the rest of the community shuttle fleet then it will be scrapped
  17. Sorry to revive this tread by I spotted 18753, 18758 and 18777 in service and they looked exactly the same to the 177xx units Meaning they were on a ford transit chassis with a microbird body
  18. My bad ☺️ It wasn't written in the wiki so I thought that it was a typo If it is not too much trouble, could someone please edit the wiki to include this information so that others don't make the same mistake I made.
  19. According to the wiki there is no ETS 2032. The closest bus to that number are 2000-2015 which are 2017 Grande West Vicinity.
  20. I believe these will be new busses because BC transit loves to promote that whistler and a few other transit systems run on only CNG busses and if someone spots a BC transit diesel bus in whistler it will raise red flag and the media will be all over it.πŸ™„
  21. Not only will they have a few extra busses but they would have to familiarise the mechanic at VTC with a completely different bus and different components. On the other hand I would love to be able to, after a very long day, wait at a 002 or 041 stop and see a beautiful, sleek and comfortable 2016 XD40 take me home.
  22. When is 18301 and it's siblings supposed to enter service? It has been more then two weeks to since its first sitting at Prevost Richmond. Shoudn't they start entering service about now? I am so excited to finally see new busses operating out of VTC especially because our newest busses are from 2009 which means they are almost 10 years old.
  23. I believe you mean the 14 and not the 10 My somewhat reasonable explanation to this would that VTC has most of the D40LFs there dues to the dieselisation of the 4/14 and that since these busses are a little older they transferred a couple extra busses just in case. These busses are also probably here due to the firework and have yet to be sent back to there respected garages. VTC will be getting brand new Nova LFS so the D40LFs should be out and in the scrapper pretty soon According to what I have heard VTC will be taking over the 32 in September but most of the new novas should be there by then. I hope I was able to answer your question, Thomas
  24. Service is now back to normal after a track issue at King Edward station
  25. I had a dream that I had bought R8010 and that I stored it behind my dad warehouse so that I could do some interior work and some engine work to it. So I was about half way done all of the work and I go home for the night. the next morning I find a bunch of fire trucks around the bus trying to put out a fire around the back end of the bus. After the firefighters finished putting out the fire they gave me the report and it said that the bus had an engine fire. I though to my self, thats impossible because the last time I drove it was about a month ago when I brought it here and I had drained the bus of all its fluids. I then decided to start fresh so I brought an other D60LF, 8015, from Translink and restored it and I decided to open a Translink transit museum so every couple of months I would purchase either one of translink D60LFs, D40LFs or even busses that haven't even started to be retired like the LFS and the Orion's. About three year since I purchased my first bus, my bus museum contain 2 D60LFs, 3 D40LFs, 3 LFS, 1 LFS HEV and 2 Orions (1 from 2001 and 1 from 2008). One day I got an email from translink asking me if I would like to be in charge of all of the VTC so I was like of course. I then decided that the 41 would be and artic route while UBC is in session and the rest of the time it would run D40LFs. The D40LFs would see service on other routes but there would never be a Nova on the 41 ever again. There would also be a new route, 38 UBC/ Marine drive station which went from UBC via South West marine drive all the way to Marine drive station and that VTC now operated the 49. The 49 had a fleet of 20 D60LFs and 10 2012 XDE60 and the 41 had a fleet of 15 2012 XDE60 and 10 D60LFs and 15 D40LFs
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