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  1. Over the last few weeks I have created my own google doc with Maui Buses fleet based on countless hours of google and flick search as the current Maui Bus Wiki is severely outdated https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rcFNlnDcFYIAZCFxcgceTk0y3I12A_r1b-d_WZjGyPI/edit?usp=sharing If you have any information that could help with my document that would be awesome On a side not Inhave gotten in contact with a Maui Bus representative and they have yet to get back to me with an updated fleet
  2. I don't think so because if you are thinking of the same bus I am thinking of (Hele-on) 701 that is a 2011 whereas Maui Buses is a 2004. An other minor cosmetic difference is that Maui buses double decker has a low profile bumper but Hele-on 701 doesn't
  3. bump It must have been retired because when I search its license plate on my different license plate search sites nothing came up.
  4. Though once that software update comes out people might still be a little wary of lifting the ban so its gonna be a longer process than Boeing coming out with and update and everyone suddenly going back to loving the Max 8 again
  5. Looks like Boeing is in big trouble. All Canadian and America carriers have been forced to ground their 737 Max 8. I hope that the issue. Is solved quickly and that the ban will be lifted soon because I am schedule to fly to Toronto on a WestJet 737 Max 8 on the 29th of June
  6. Yup, though Sunwing grounded their fleet of 737 Max 8 Tuesday night whereas the Max 8 was banned from Canadian air space earlier this morning
  7. Sunwing has officially grounded its 4 Boeing 737 Max 8s https://globalnews.ca/news/5050522/sunwing-boeing-737-max-8-suspended/
  8. Spotted 18328 B/Oed north of 48th ave and Victoria
  9. Why are they placed in Limited service?
  10. But if the operator was following too close than the main damage would be to the bumper area but here it looks like the damage is mainly on the passenger side
  11. Do you happen to know what exactly happened and how it happened
  12. I am pretty sure almost everyone on this board knows what a New Flyer D(E)60LFR is because many if not all Canadian Transit agencies (except most agencies in Quebec) and some American agencies that operates full size buses have had some experience with the LFRs whether it isn't because they operate them, used to operate them or simply leased or had them as a demonstrator at one point.
  13. Go to your profile, click edit and write whoever you want under member title and it should appear in between their name and their profile picture
  14. And how exactly is this related to the above discussion?🤔
  15. What routes stop at wallers village? Because that is most likely were I will go to grab some pics
  16. Spotted 16118 on a 49 this morning. Apparently it’s on an all day run. What is with all of the Richmond 40 footers going on 60 foot runs. Is there some sort of attic shortage at RTC
  17. Could someone update the very outdated wiki please to include all of the above changes which include the fact that 25 and 30 exist, MB402 and MB405-407 exist and 2703 exist. Also the "Chevrolet cutaways" are Chevrolet Eldorado Aero elite buses. All of this was found through @Buzz2kb photo gallery and a quick google image search Please don't tell me to "become an editor and do it myself" because I have tried and been denied twice. Many thanks to the one who end up editing the wiki
  18. Is there really a need to post about every GPS error and when you do post about them could your specify what is wrong with the GPS
  19. Spotted a Treo sticker on the front windshield of 8006 Is this from when the Port Mann bridge was a toll bridge and do all buses have this?
  20. I have just received an email saying that construction work is set to begin in 2020 and that starting on February 11 2018 they will be installing trolley lines ( I suspect these are for the detours), and installing new lampposts and traffic lights.
  21. Interesting, So I am on 8006 and checked it’s insurance and it doesn’t expire until January 2020 but it probably won’t last that long despite it being a very smooth ride and it’s engine not complaining too much. But who knows, the bus gods might be in its favour
  22. Spotted 18318 on a 20 this morning and I spotted R8043 parked southbound with an operator inside on Victoria and 44th
  23. Just found out that transit sales international is now selling all the H40LFRs https://transitsales.com/product/40ft-new-flyer-h40lfr-2009-hydrogen-fuel-cell-vehicle/
  24. It is a rare sighting because the 49 is a artic route except for one block which is served by HTC
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