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  1. So I have just received information that 2704 and 2705 have retired with the arrival of the 1900s
  2. Where is the best time pace to see/catch a short ride on a D40LF/D60LF
  3. Most likely Though that would be odd considering 9120 was a newer Prevost and was close to identical to the above images of 9112-9113.
  4. This isn’t necessarily true as buses are not always built in order. In fact they are rarely built in order or the buyers numbering.
  5. It almost sounds like you are speaking from experience
  6. https://www.abbynews.com/news/aircraft-attempting-to-make-emergency-landing-at-abbotsford-international-airport/amp/ Swoop flight 312 had to make an emmergency landing after a bird strike 3 day ago.
  7. Not only 4pm but he buses toward UBC between 7:30 and 9:00 are always skipping stops because they have passengers always crammed to the windshield of the bus. I think there should be some 49 Express that operates during peak hours and that only stops at major intersections
  8. Heavy duty maintenance perhaps? Though I thought I read that Victoria was gonna instal a CNG station so maybe it’s for testing.
  9. Following in Translinks footsteps. I see... So Translink has evolved from being the little brother to now being the big brother.
  10. Spotted an E60LFR on route 20 displaying DDR Vehicle. What does this mean?
  11. Saw those the other day and already edited the wiki
  12. Just private message me and I can add info if you would like.
  13. Spotted this fire truck on 49th and Victoria with not markings other than the Vancouver fire emblem on the doors Anyone know the story behind it. I also saw Medic 12 which now seems to be the Marine support unit
  14. 9874 transfered to Victoria, it is currently on line 30
  15. Just did a major update to the TCS page. Tell me what you think and if there are any correction/ additions that I should make to the page
  16. Ya, I figured as much. The vessel was hardly damaged. It had just not been reported active yet.
  17. The queen of Surrey is back in service and was able to take some pictures of it and the queen of Coquitlam at Langdale terminal
  18. spotted 7007 twice in the last two days
  19. Ok il go get my eyes checked.
  20. 8443 was involved in a serious collision with a tow truck. The bus is most likely totalled
  21. Wow, your good. How did you know?
  22. Stopped by the yard today (didn’t go in because that would be trespassing) and the lowest numbered unit I saw was 990 (more on that later). I believe that all of the pre-2004 coaches have been retired as the only older than 2004 coach I saw in the yard and shop was 990, yes 990 which is currently “sold to Kunkel Bus Lines as 507”. Here is a picture of 990 in the back of the yard parted out The only other 900 series I saw in the yard were 994 and 996. There were also about 8 buses in the 5XXX series. I doubt any older than 2004 units were on the road because I don’t see why they couldn’t have used a newer better looking coach instead to satisfy the customer.
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    Ever since the update I am unable to click on images anymore on my iPhone 6S.
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