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  1. I have been informed that starting with their 4 new buses (2001-2004) coming (delivery will start in about a month), they will be fitted with driver barriers. Once these arrive, all of the current buses in their fleet will be retrofitted with a driver barrier.
  2. IMO only the first and the last photos follow the photo guideline and could be added to the wiki. The second image is a little blurry and the cropping is a little weird. The third image is too zoomed in and the bumper is cut-off. The fourth image obstructed by the car. I'll add the first and the last picture in a few minutes. Nope because 4960=bc4009
  3. My best guess is that it is there to train drivers on pulling up to bus stops while making sure not to jump the curb, not to hit the poles and make sure to have good placement in relation to the bus stop sign.
  4. Thomasw

    Wiki Upgrade

    Didn't know where to put this but here's something I have been thing of for a while. I believe that school bus companies should have their own section of the board, kind of like how coach companies have their own section. Currently school bus discussion are scattered a little every where and it is hard to open a school bus thread (for example one who is based in Metro Vancouver) because there is no where to put it. If you put it in the Metro Vancouver section people get pissed of at you. This could also help encourage more school bus threads because there are many different school bus companies who have their own wiki but many are out of date and messy. If the admins could put this idea into consideration that would be great. Sincerely, Thomas
  5. From what I have heard, Delta did indeed pick up LATAM's order. https://simpleflying.com/delta-takes-over-3b-airbus-a350-order-from-latam/ As @Zortan mentioned, the A350 would not be a suitable fit for Air Canada. Sure, the A350 has a bit of a farther range but currently Air Canada doesn't need this range. Other than the fact that it is a few meters longer=a couple dozen more seats and that it has a bigger range than the 787, they are very similar. Air Canada currently has 37 787s. There would be no point in getting a small fleet of only 10 or so A350s. There would be many extra costs such as training pilots, flight crews, mechanics and many more. For these reasons, I don't believe there would be much of an advantage in Air Canada getting the A350s. YYZ-SYD is 15,500 km. According to Air Canada, their 777-200lr planes have a range of 17,446 km. Although Air Canada only has 6 of the 200lr type, if they really wanted to operate YYZ-SYD nonstop they would have done so already. Say, Air Canada didn't have enough 777-200lr aircraft to serve YYZ-SYD, they would much rather purchase them used from another airline than buy some A350s. Air Canada had bought used aircraft recently (Singapore Airline A330 comes to mind) so they could definitively buy 777-200lr if they needed/wanted to.
  6. The one community shuttle was “full” with only 3 people in it. Does Translink have some sort of social distancing max capacities for buses?
  7. Instead of writing this long list of buses that are already on the wiki could you please just jot some basic bullet points of what you would like to be changed on the wiki.
  8. Several AC Rouge A321s and A319 arrived at Pinal airport(MZJ) from Vancouver and Toronto. An Air Canada Embraer E190 (C-FNAW) came to pick up the crew with a pitstop at Kansas to pickup the crew from the 767s.
  9. And it’s 2012 sister: https://cvbussales.com/product/2012-prevost-h3-45/
  10. I don’t think this is 100% correct as earlier today I was scanning Flightradar24 and although there weren’t many there were still a handful of Westjet planes operating flights. As I write C-FKWS is operating a scheduled flight between Calgary and Toronto as flight WS652. There are many Westjet plane parked out there, an example being there are many parked on the crosswind runway at YVR and at the end of March there were about 2 dozen Westjet aircraft parked at YYC. In other words, there is still a small handful of Westjet planes still flying but maybe there won’t be tomorrow. Who know? The time we are in is full of surprises.
  11. Somewhat related but Admins should not allow this kind of advertising on our board. Em NIMBY a**holes This ad also shows they don’t even know what they are taking about and only care about a little parking. They wrote B-Line instead of Rapidbus. Rapidbus has been advertised quite a bit over the last year and a half. How could they mess this up.
  12. Chicago Fire Season 7 episode 11 features former Chicago Transit Authority 801 as having crashed into a bus shelter. This all happens within the first 8 minutes of the show. The battery packs seem to have been removed for the scene.
  13. But once corona is over will they get them back?
  14. How can RTC just lose 6 artics like that.
  15. Canada: YVR - Vancouver International Airport YYC - Calgary International Airport YKF - Waterloo/Kitchener International Airport YUL - Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport YQB - Québec City International Airport YYZ - Toronto Pearson Internation Airport YLW - Kelowna International Airport United States: LAX - Los Angeles Internation Airport SNA - Orange County John Wayne Airport OGG - Kahului Airport Outside North America: HND - Tokyo Haneda International Airport
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