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  1. 9 hours ago, A. Wong said:

    The Wiki lists 9120            Prevost    H3-45            Black with green and gray stripes

    However, I have photos of 9120 being a new J4500 with rear window, operating for Trafalgar. I wonder if they reuse fleet numbers?

    I'll get around to uploading the photo soon...

    Most likely

    Though that would be odd considering 9120 was a newer Prevost and was close to identical to the above images of 9112-9113.

  2. 8 hours ago, haydenschool said:

    - Units 2102-2108 were built in July 2000 due to the fact that  2102 's build date is July 2000 according to a post in the Facebook group, Orange County Transit Fans and 2109 also being built in July 2000.

    This isn’t necessarily true as buses are not always built in order. In fact they are rarely built in order or the buyers numbering.

  3. 8 hours ago, dover5949 said:

    Are you serious about removing artics from the 49??? Do you ever ride the 49??? If not I suggest you spend a few hours at E. 49 & Main & observe the loads on the route! This afternoon around 4pm I observed 4 in a row displaying "Sorry Bus Full" heading for Metrotown. The 49 is one of the busiest crosstown routes in Vancouver/Burnaby so removing artics from RTC to BTC won't happen!

    Not only 4pm but he buses toward UBC between 7:30 and 9:00 are always skipping stops because they have passengers always crammed to the windshield of the bus. I think there should be some 49 Express that operates during peak hours and that only stops at major intersections 

  4. 10 hours ago, alexb320 said:

    Three of the 2007 Gillig LowFloor 35ft buses are up for auction on GovDeals.com:

    Saw those the other day and already edited the wiki

  5. 4 hours ago, simonsevillematt said:

    i would be more happier if i could update the wiki page for CATA, i have friends who work at the garage who give me info about everything.

    Just private message me and I can add info if you would like.

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  6. 55 minutes ago, NHTransitGeek1 said:

    Buses T16 T18 T19 and T23 retired as of July

    T28: retired from revenue service at some point in the last year 

    T35: Out of service but still on active roster. Last spotted in early April 2019

    New buses T52 through T55 2019 Eldorado EZ Rider BRT 32' CNG. (Probably L9N)

    Bus wraping: UNH academics promotion scheme T31 T37 T39 T52 T54

    UNH athletics promotion scheme: T55



  7. Stopped by the yard today (didn’t go in because that would be trespassing) and the lowest numbered unit I saw was 990 (more on that later). I believe that all of the  pre-2004 coaches have been retired as the only older than 2004 coach I saw in the yard and shop was 990, yes 990 which is currently “sold to Kunkel Bus Lines as 507”.

    Here is a picture of 990 in the back of the yard parted outC9A16F8B-57D6-40AE-BEDF-C2542688E224.thumb.jpeg.b5304f46dbcd49240ae1f9cd14e9a9f5.jpeg

    The only other 900 series I saw in the yard were 994 and 996.

    There were also about 8 buses in the 5XXX series. I doubt any older than 2004 units were on the road because I don’t see why they couldn’t have used a newer better looking coach instead to satisfy the customer. 

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