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  1. No, that would have been too logical 😂
  2. I have edited the wiki to include this change. That leaves 2313 left. Do we know its current status?
  3. St VTC again??!!! what is going on with these random bus transfers
  4. I have just created a page for 880-888
  5. Yay. No more DE60LFRs at RTC!!! That bus just happened to be my very annoying stalker bus during its days at RTC
  6. I’ll make sure to add that in the coming week. Do you know the specs for the new Max buses? Do you know what 2005 Max buses are retired and which one is in the above image? I would come for a ride but unfortunately I’m about 2,000 miles away
  7. If there wasn’t any writing I’d actually be able to see it
  8. It can be considering it’s age and the fact that the 18000 and 19000 artics are rapidly entering service.
  9. I think I may visit Beauport, Place Jacques-Cartier, Colline Parlementaire and Pointe-de-Sainte-Foy. If timing permits I may try to fan Laval university. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hey guys I will be spending two full weeks in Quebec City near the end of July and I was wondering if there were any good places to go fanning for buses in Quebec City. I was also wondering if there were certain buses(other than the Van Hooks) that I should look out for.
  11. Some errors I’ve noticed is when I finish reading a thread and want to read the next on by clicking the « Next Unread Thread » button it brings me to an error page
  12. There was a suspected gas leak at my school so we had to evacuate and stay out of the schoo for just over an hour. Yay to missing school!!!
  13. Hey! No need to be a douche bag. Editors do what they can. Editing the wiki is no simple task that can be done in the flash of a second. Editors also have a life outside of the CPTDB wiki and often go to work or school for at least 7 hours a day. I am terribly sorry if my busy schedule is preventing me from editing the wiki to your preferences. I have asked @Alika.valdez1234 to PM me all of the info that need to be edited on the TheBus wiki page. Once he does so, I will be able to edit the wiki (either tomorrow, Sunday, Monday or next Friday and onwards) If you would like, feel free to PM me all of the information you would like me to add or edit. This goes to anyone here as I do not often check this tread.
  14. I have the same problem on mobile with google chrome. Device: iPhone SE Software: IOS 12.3.1  Chrome App Version:  75.0.3770.85 As @OCTranspoMaster mentioned I also sometimes have issues with Editing my posts and copying text on mobile
  15. I was on a Thirdwave Bus Services 1996-2002 Chevrolet/Giradin MB-II (on lease to the JCCGV) (possibly 131)on a summer camp field trip to the Capilano suspension bridge. About 10 minutes after we get going there the brake light or sometimes started flashing and we were forced to go back due to "Safety reason". The next day we recieved an identical replacement bus.
  16. Thank you for all your help an information. I have edited the wiki to include this information. I find it kinda funny that despite their 2003s experiencing many engine issues, they ordered the same engines in 2007
  17. The wiki has been edited to include these changes and the changes about the Flex buses @SilentSpades Do you know when 1423-1435 were built and do you have any info about any retired shuttle buses
  18. Yes I will within the next hour or so. While i'm at it is there anything else I should add to the wiki?
  19. What the heck are they doing there??? Storage?
  20. So I was reading the wiki and noticed that it said that there was a couple of satelite yard; one in Coquitlam and another in Surrey. Would anyone know exactly where they are located
  21. Ohh ok From what I know CMBC obliges their employees to wear a “Uniform”. By uniform it usually means a polo shirt with the company name and logo embroidered in it
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