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  1. You can try to apply to be an editor here applications but it has been 2 weeks since I sent in my application and they haven’t gotten back to me so who know
  2. the order and end its transit services resulting in...
  3. environmentalists to get pissed at Sarnia transit because they went from electric double deckers to diesel 40 footers so they had to buy a bunch of New Flyer Xcelsior Charges despite New Flyers big backlog and retire all the classics which caused...
  4. BYD K10s but they forgot that they were Electric buses and instead filled them up with diesel causing them to burst into flames so Sarnia Transit had to...
  5. Like that's gonna work. “Adjustments to provincial transfers and the property tax requisition,” is not gonna magically produce enough money to fund for salaries and new buses/maintenance.
  6. Would break down every three kilometres
  7. A bunch of cars are stored there as part of the UK scrappage scheme but...
  8. That thing has been up for sale for months now. You guys would be better of selling it for scrap or on an actual car selling website such as Bring A Trailer or Govdeals
  9. An airport where you can go boat spotting
  10. Watching Scooby doo on Netflix while...
  11. And the stop number search function is not working
  12. A few D40LFs These are retiring as I type
  13. 8057 making a turn P.S. This photo is unedited
  14. I’m looking into purchasing a cheap-ish DSLR camera. Any recommendations?
  15. Today marks 1 year since Avicii, one of my all time favourite singers passed away. His legacy lives on
  16. I had Tampa and Calgary In finals too 😂 Winnipeg is out of the playoffs
  17. An A&W burger and a Grande Caramel Frappuccino
  18. I saw that one there today and it doesn't look like it moved at all
  19. I was on train 304 earlier today and right after it left Gateway station toward Waterfront it did a sudden stop and just sat there. 3 minutes later a skytrain attendant did a walk around of the train, about a minute or 2 later we were off again. Does anyone know what could have happened and if this happens often.
  20. Omg I hate that. I was on a bus for 30 minutes straight with a guy that was playing candy crush or something at full volume without any headphones on. About every 4 second the bus would resonate with an obnoxiously loud: “CHLING”
  21. I was riding 8022 and I never thought I would say this about a New Flyer LF but damn I wished that bus retired. I could have jogged faster than it when it was going up the hill on Dunbar from marine drive to 41st. And there wasn’t even any traffic in front of it. IT WAS SOOOO SLOW, just like many of the 1999 D60LFs
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