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  1. 69 new Arbocs for Calgary Transit and
  2. Make that 1930. Saw it on the 28 on Sunday if I am remembering that right. I have seen quite a few Van Hools on the 28 in the last week.
  3. Disregard... edit was done a day ago by @Orion6025
  4. Just curious, but what aircrafts, from what airline/leaser and for what route?
  5. Most likely but prior to that it was running really smooth
  6. A little late but here is a pic and recap of my trip on Via Rail train 84 and 42 last Sunday. 6421 was my ride seen here at the Kitchener train station. From my insta: « Here is Via Rail engine 6421 as train 84 at Kitchener train station on July 14 2019. This train arrived at Kitchener 45 minutes late and ended up arriving at Toronto Union Station an hour late. I then continued on this train as it turned into train 42 to Ottawa. We left Toronto 30 minutes and by the time we arrived at Fallowfield rain station (the stop before Ottawa) we were an hour late. We were about 10 minutes away from the Ottawa when the conductor stoped the train and said we were experiencing engine issues. About 45 minutes later, Via Rail engine 919 (a 2001 GE P42DC) came to the rescue and very slowly pushed us into Ottawa. We arrived in Ottawa 2 and a half hours late. »
  7. Spotted 1916 (a Van Hool) on the 16 yesterday. Does anyone know of any other 19XX Van Hools in service, and how many there will be? Edit: 1904 was also spotted on route 1 a couple days ago
  8. Well then it is most likely the hsr d40lf My apologie, false alarm. Sorry for stirring up fake new and any trouble I may have caused. Does anyone have a pic the hsr d40lf painted in Septa colours
  9. I am confident as (although faded from sitting in the sun) it still had its Septa orange and blue paint job. Is there any Barrie or Hamilton D40LFs that have been painted in a Septa livery for filming though?
  10. Spotted 8013 rotting behind a warehouse near Toronto. Wasn’t able to grab a pic because I was on the train and my phone was at the bottom of my backpack at the time.
  11. I edited most of what you said in your last few posts, lemme know if I missed anything
  12. Went swimming with my iPhone SE in my swim short pockets and put it in rice for 3 full days but it won't work. Now I'm screwed because I still have another 3 weeks before I go home again and because my parents(who aren't with me in this leg of the trip) don't even know yet. Also screwed because my phone was the only device that I brought with me so now my instagram(@translinkbus and @planeguy737) will be left unmonitored for 3 weeks and I'll have at least 2 hours of catch up to do on each account. In other words FML
  13. Another bus fanner and I were fanning at the new UBC exchange and we were just on the curb where the buses re-enter the layover area and were about to take a pic of 18005 as it turned but then the driver honked and scared the dickens out of me(making me miss my shot) then stop right next to us, opened the door then told us that what we were doing was unsafe, that we would be liable if a driver didn't see us and hit us and that we should be wearing orange safety vests. He then went to tell us to get out of the "layover area".
  14. The picture itself is pretty good. Though it could use some editing such as; cropping and increasing the brightness
  15. According to my reservation it said I’ll be on train 84 from Kitchener to Toronto then I’ll be on train 42 from Kitchener to Ottawa
  16. Hey guys so I will be going on my Via Rail train trip in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if there was a way I could find out what kind of locomotive or train car I would be on. Kind regards, Thomas W.
  17. They still have those? Where are they? Also where can we find accurate information about Handy Darts because the wiki is severely lacking information
  18. Unfortunately it cannot be used as there is a sign post in the way and the reflection on the glass isn’t the best
  19. No, that would have been too logical 😂
  20. I have edited the wiki to include this change. That leaves 2313 left. Do we know its current status?
  21. St VTC again??!!! what is going on with these random bus transfers
  22. I have just created a page for 880-888
  23. Updated Let me know if I missed any
  24. Yay. No more DE60LFRs at RTC!!! That bus just happened to be my very annoying stalker bus during its days at RTC
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