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  1. Would you care explaining what happened and why a transit bus would be needed in this scenario
  2. I'd rather not add that information until it is confirmed
  3. I have completely updated the CPTDB wiki for Maui Bus and (with permission) have added some of @Buzz2kb's pictures to the wiki. Tell me what you think and what I could do to make it better
  4. look what we have here seems that the 2014 order of Chevrolet/Girardin G4500/MBC-II does go from 14751-14789 but from 14751-14792+
  5. The Big question is, which 2007s will they be replacing and what are these buses fleet numbers On the tracker, there seem to be buses numbered 401988 and 401989 so this could be the new buses. Before you ask, 401 is in service too so it's not a tracker problem
  6. http://hawaiiahe.com/new-maui-buses-blessed-two-eldorado-transit-buses-replacing-long-haul-fleet-buses/ looks like Maui bus has two new buses in town
  7. 21-27 should be Maui Bus 21-27 Sorry my mistake when creating the page
  8. Did it just breakdown or was it involved in a collision
  9. 18521 is also in service currently on a 23
  10. Maybe it was one of those hospital transfer minibus’s
  11. Yup though you may not make the cut as they want people that post meaningful stuff
  12. You have to apply to be an editor here
  13. I edited the wiki to include 880-888 Does anyone know for sure what transmission these busses have
  14. Agreed Especially because 49th avenue is supposed to be closed between marine drive and Cambie for the BMO race Sunday morning so they will have to get that bus out of there before then
  15. Still there as of 4:30pm Could they just tow it like they usually do with broken down buses???
  16. T-Comm seems to be having issues today as it seems that at about 1:00pm a lot of the buses on T-Comm vanished from service despite me having seen many other buses in service. Currently (according to T-Comm) there are only 23 buses in service.
  17. Now if only those fences weren't there...
  18. After having looked at the document, and the wiki we currently have here is the missing vehicles: 1720 which is a 2017 Chevrolet 4500 cutaway (This belongs in the specialized transit roster) 110-111 are 2015 loaders (this belongs in the Non-revenue vehicle roster) For some reason there was no other vehicle from the Non-revenue vehicle thread mentioned in the document but this was probably just an error. 1512 seems to have been retired or something because it is the only MV1 not listed
  19. To get on a bus but then...
  20. Stephen Harper turns 60 today Travis Scott turns 27 today
  21. looks very good! Happy Birthday!
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