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  1. Canada: YVR - Vancouver International Airport YYC - Calgary International Airport YKF - Waterloo/Kitchener International Airport YUL - Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport YQB - Québec City International Airport YYZ - Toronto Pearson Internation Airport YLW - Kelowna International Airport United States: LAX - Los Angeles Internation Airport SNA - Orange County John Wayne Airport OGG - Kahului Airport Outside North America: HND - Tokyo Haneda International Airport
  2. That could have definitely been avoided. Why was it backing up in the first place?
  3. Thomasw

    Canada Line

    About two months ago, big signage was affixed to the exterior of Langary 49th. Its nice because to tourist they would have driven right past it, expecting to find a station with elevated track but now they know that its a Subway and where to find it.
  4. 4 of which have the hybrid TUI livery and the other 9 have the regular sunwing livery. I was only able to catch the registration of a few of the planes there. C-FTUN: hybrid livery C-FIUM: hybrid livery C-GYUK: hybrid livery C-GTUO: hybrid livery C-FYJD: regular livery C-FPRP: regular livery
  5. I’m at YKF right now and there are 13 Sunwing planes stored there.
  6. Saw 77.2 in Kitchener today and 87.5 in Stratford
  7. Thomasw

    Canada Line

    X29 is numbered and was sitting at the yard when I went by
  8. Still waiting on pictures...
  9. I don’t have Facebook lol
  10. Ok thanks you. Is that it?
  11. Any other retirements that are not written on the wiki?
  12. Damn, I'm in Bayfield end of March so I'm going to miss this opportunity by 3 weeks. At least Vancouver still have a collection of Orions
  13. I think it has less to do with transit it self but the pure laziness and stupidity of many people that I have encountered in Vancouver. People here (and I know I sound like a geezer for saying this but) always have their nose stuck in their phone and many people are not socially aware at all. This is really just a Vancouver issue because I have taken the Maui Bus and RTC (Québec City) and everyone there is polite and actually socialise on the bus. When I step into a bus in Vancouver with my friends all you can hear is the engine, the music that the guy across from you is playing too loud into his earbuds and me an my friends talking. You'd be lucky to walk into a bus in Vancouver to see anyone younger than 50 involved in an active conversation. Point being, there is no sense of community in Vancouver and this is really just a "big city" problem. Sorry for going off topic.
  14. I was on 12024 (lucky catch) heading to UBC detouring via Main, 41st and Oak and my phone buzzes. I look at it to see that there is another detour for the 49. Luckily I got of a few stops before UBC but I told myself "Boy, are these 49 drivers gonna have a great day"*Sarcastically of course*. What really pissed me off and made me question the society we live in is when our bus happened to come to a stop at the RapidBus stop when we were at a red light at Cambie street. People started banging on the door and once the driver open the door and tries to explain that this isn't the R4 people still got on the bus. At first I was like they must be going to UBC so this taking the 49 or R4 at this point wouldn't make a difference. The driver turns off of 41st and onto Oak then 49 where almost all of the people that had boarded at Cambie got off the bus to realize this wasn't the R4, many cussed the driver out for not telling them. As I write this I'm seriously wondering what this world has come to. IS IT THAT HARD TO TAKE 2 AND A HALF SECONDS TO READ THE F**KING DESTINATION SIGN!!!! The second I graduate and find myself a good flight school somewhere in the plains I am getting the hell out of this sh*t show.
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