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  1. Thomasw


    It looks great! There is also a live stream from an hour ago on WestJets Instagram story that shows that interior
  2. Thomasw

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    To bring you up to speed, these are new Nova HEVs that are just starting to enter service so he was saying that 18364 and 18369 had just started service today.
  3. Thomasw

    2019 Garage Transfers

    But why? Shouldn’t BTC be sending their D60LFs to other transit centres and putting those ugly new XDE60s in service, not receiving D60LFs from other garages.
  4. Thomasw

    Kamloops Transit

    So has 2535
  5. Thomasw

    Collisions and Incidents thread

    Wow, good thing Translink got rid of those, they were a full of problems. Thankfully everyone made it out without injury. Does anyone know which ex Translink IC bus this was and which company opened it at the time?
  6. Thomasw

    Kamloops Transit

    Very nice! Do we know if they have the same specs as the previous XN40? Since 1144 and 1145 are in Kamloops do we know where 1140-1143 and 1146-1147 are going?
  7. 3007 and 3011-3012 are 2013 Grade West Vicinity 27.5’
  8. Thomasw

    The Bus (Honolulu, HI)

    What the devil are you trying to say here? @Kevin L could you please help as there have been many post like this where it is impossible to understand what is being said
  9. Thomasw

    Whistler Transit

    Which D40LFs did they bring out of storage? Could some one also update the wiki to include these new changes @Articulated@Kevin L
  10. Thomasw

    Whistler Transit

    9415 is still in Whistler according to next ride
  11. Thomasw

    BC Transit - Nanaimo

    2389 seems to have been transferred from the handy dart fleet to the community shuttle fleet 1048 finally has next ride installed
  12. Thomasw

    2001 Orion 5 Retirement

    9209 and 9245 have already been confirmed retired 9224 and 9250 have not been out for less than 2 weeks so they could just be receiving some much needed TLC down in maintenance.
  13. Thomasw

    Kamloops Transit

    I see, that's an interesting combination of engines for 2395-2396 🤣
  14. Thomasw

    Kamloops Transit

    2534 seems to have been transferred to Kamloops from comox valley according to NextRide
  15. 9247 seems to have been transferred to Kelowna according to Nextride