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  1. 2209 has a driver barrier I’m pretty sure most, if not all, Richmond 16200s have driver barriers
  2. I’ve just done that and it seems to be working. I just dont see how it happened in the first place.
  3. I have continued to edit the above list to include unwrapped rapidbuses but this is only from sightings mainly in the R4. If anyone know about more buses that have been unwrapped, do tell.
  4. There is some unread thread in the western US page but everything has been read
  5. Update! Got a Nikon D3500 around Christmas time along with an 18-55 and a 70-300 lens. I have only been out planespotting once since I got the camera and it worked great(pics below). Hoping to go out to YVR again this Friday
  6. Thomasw


    That's interresting. I wonder why. Do you have anymore information regarding Bluestar
  7. Translink 18020, 2197 and 9504 always happen to pop up.
  8. On the main page of the website there’s about a dozen photo of old King Transit buses, some of which are not mentioned on the wiki. This isn’t much of a surprise because service began in 1981 an the oldest bus on the fleet other than the second buses is bus 3 which is a 1985. I am pretty sure that 3-6 are second hand buses because who just randomly purchases one bus a year. I mean people do it but it’s not normal. if some could add whatever information the images provide to the wiki that could be great as I simply have no time for this: https://www.kbus.ca/
  9. If you find anymore info I’ll make sure to edit the wiki. How do you know that 0330 is retired?
  10. The thing about that is 2007 was a big year for bus orders with the trolleys, the novas and the Orion Vs which means there are many more buses that need to be refurbed. I say they probably won’t be refurbed till 2022ish. Especially because there are still about half of the C40LFR and D40LFR that need refurbishing
  11. I’m going to make a list of the 2018-2019 XDE60s that have been unwrapped so far. 2018: 18001-18003, 18005, 18010-18012, 18014, 18015, 18017, 18021-18027, 18029, 18032, 18033, 18035, 18038-18041, 18049, 18062 2019: 19001, 19002, 19004-19007, 19009-19011, 19014, 19015, 19018, 19022, 19024, 19026, 19027, 19034-19037, 19040, 19044-19046
  12. Thomasw

    Canada Line

    Set 25 and 27 have been delivered
  13. It was sold over a decade ago to Bronco transit. Not sure why the add is still up. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/WestJet_Crew_Bus
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