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  1. An Asian man in maybe his 20s with a Nikon camera taking pictures of 19402 at Brigehouse Station Bay 1 at around 9:00am.
  2. 19402 boed this morning at 9:20 and 16221 took over right before i was gonna go for my first ride on a double decker. I guess i'm just out of luck.
  3. I’m on 12025 now and it has a driver barrier.
  4. Yup it’s just a couple of decals
  5. They didn’t purchase it, it’s only a trial until December. I added it to the BYD wiki but totally forgot to add it to the Maui Bus page.
  6. I will do my best. My trip isn’t till February so PM then so I don’t forget. Are there any other special request? Questions? Or thing that should be added to the wiki?
  7. I forgot to mention this but I saw West Coach Express cars 201, 215 and 106 coupled to Via Rail car 8130 at the Via Rail yard behind Pacific Central Station. Is this normal? What’s the big idea here? Is this just for maintenance? If so why are they coupled to 8130?
  8. Thomasw


    My doc was only a resource I used to put all my info in, then i put it in the wiki.
  9. Does anyone know if the Gillig Phantoms are still active. If anything, does anyone have anything that I should add to the wiki because i feel the wiki does not have any information. Also is it safe to say that 30-39 are all retired?
  10. Thomasw


    I dont actually live on the island in fact I dont even live close to there. I live in Canada though I have found an interested in Hawaiian transit and motorcoach operators (hence why ive dedicated so much of my time to researching them).
  11. So I’m on the bus and I pull the cord for my stop. The bus stops so I’m under the impression that we’re at my stop(mind you it was dark out) and how our doors work here in Vancouver is that when the green light is one you can push the door to open it. Half the time the green light doesn’t turn on. I waited and the light didn’t illuminate so at the top of my lungs I yell “Back Door!” as many people do when the doors don’t open. The light doesn’t turn on. When my eyes finally adjust to the darkness of outside I realize that we were just at a red light and not at my stop. I then feel really stupid and a lady next to me as if on que tell me “not yet”. Boy did I ever feel stupid. Not to mention that the whole bus stared at me the entirety of the time. FML
  12. Thomasw


    The street photo at that location only went till 2011 for some reason but they were there in 2011 except for the fact that there is now a big wall separating the yard from the road.
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