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  1. ONG these look like something they pulled out of the old looks, stored then for 30+ years and right before throwing then away some Translink executive who does nothing but sit in his office is like "Hey, let’s put those in our new shuttles because our planning is soo poor we did think of the scenario where the fare boxes we use go out of production" The people who make these decisions are probably people who have never taken the bus, drive around town in their corvette and only come in contact with a bus when they rear end it at 1am when coming back for the local bar
  2. Thomasw

    Gas Prices

    Vancouver has shot up to 153.9 is some places
  3. Thomasw

    Rider Express

    Sounds like some liberal government I know of but I’ll save that for the politics thread
  4. That scared the living Sh*t out of me
  5. What do you mean by « basic fare box » Is that when there is not controller beside it? is there a picture of the « basic fare box »
  6. Thomasw

    The Bus (Honolulu, HI)

    Could have been removed for repairs but the bus may have had to go back in service before the sign was fixed for some reason such as a bus shortage
  7. Thomasw

    Everett Transit, WA

    Might be going to auction or for scrap
  8. Thomasw

    Paperbus Thread

    Im wondering if anyone here had any Translink, Blue Bus, The Bus, Maui Bus or RTC (réseau de transport de la capital) paper busses Thank you in advance
  9. Thomasw

    2018 60' Articulated Bus Order

    Found this pic on a news report I’m confused. I thought the order was for 2018 units not 2019. Was there a second order?
  10. Thomasw

    Maui Bus (Maui County. Hawaii)

    Thank you! It’s interesting that the engines on the 2007 axxess’ are Cummins ILSs but that the 2008/2010 EZ-Rider II’s have Cummins ISB engines. You would think that they would stick to one engine for maintenance reasons but I guess not 🤷‍♂️ Sad to see the double decker go but at least it’s still in service with Hele-On. It’s too bad because I never got the chance to ride it. At least where I’m from (Vancouver, B.C. in Canada) we are receiving our first batch of double deckers by the end of 2019 (20 or more 2019 Enviro500s) BTW, I have yet to update the document to include the transfer of the double decker and I’m still trying to figure out which 2014 Chevy cutaway was sent over with the double decker
  11. Thomasw

    The Bus (Honolulu, HI)

    You can hardly see the bus in that picture, so there is no way of telling if that sign was white, orange, green, red or blue. If someone could get a better picture were we are able to see the rear destination sign of bus 883 clearly that would be very help full in solving this debate. I know your not 3,4,5 or six. It was just an over exaggeration. Just, next time, try to reread at least 5 posts above yours to see if that answers your question before posting it Im sorry if I was rude/ mean in my previous post.
  12. Thomasw

    New Flyer D60LF Retirement / Storage watch

    They retired 8020!!!?!?! What was the point is refurbishing it less than two years ago then.
  13. Thomasw

    The Bus (Honolulu, HI)

    There is no orange rear destination sign on the 880-888 series New Flyer buses I am pretty sure you have to be a certain age to post stuff on the CPTDB. And being 6 years old and posting self explanatory crap that a 3 year old could understand is not very helpful. I suggest that you try posting important stuff than questions that could easily be answered by reading the last 4 or 5 posts above yours. Also I remeber reading somewhere that you are not aloud to post stuff on this board that could be found out through a simple google search @A. Wong @Articulated, something should be done with this person and posting self explanatory content and questions that could easily be answered through a google search on this board.
  14. Thomasw

    The Bus (Honolulu, HI)

    Ok so is the sign orange or white You’ll have to ask the person who takes care of ordering buses at The Bus
  15. Thomasw

    Boeing 737 MAX

    But the training has nothing to do with the plane itself. That’s for the airline to deal with