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  1. Is it safe to say that 514-516 are retired? Does anyone know the VINs or License plates for 818-821, 822-825?
  2. Any reason as to why 40’ were still on artic routes today? Saw 9669 on the 20 and 9563, 9678 and 16114 on the 49. I didn’t see any artics on both routes. There was no snow on the road and it was way above freezing all day.
  3. When I made the edits someone had provided me with screenshots that the buses hadn’t been in service for over a year and a half so I assumed they were retired. I don’t live on Hamilton so I wasn’t aware that these buses were in storage. I appreciate that someone changes they’re status to stored to avoid confusing. Regarding my tone. I didn’t someone to automatically think that because I messed up once, this new edit must also be false and remove it. Sorry if you misinterpreted it.
  4. Before somebody undoes my edit to the wiki like last time.. 932 is officially retired! It was wrapped around a pole on the 12th during a snowstorm. I have screenshots from the operator who wrapped it around the pole. Repairs were estimated at 1.2 million so it was considered a write off.
  5. A serious MVA on the Coquihalla Highway earlier today involving over 20 vehicles has left 1 dead and over 30 injuried. Ebus 5738 was involved and received some serious rear end damage. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLKI-ruAbj0qKacVZ8Prk1BrZna-GM5VKyD4bo0/?igshid=1s2x0ag7bseg9 This account is private so I took the liberty of taking a screen recording for those who don’t follow them or don’t have Instagram. Unfortunately this video is too big and the CPTDB doesn’t allow files over 10MB to be uploaded. PM me if you would like to see the video
  6. No it was not. It was donated to Hele-On as it was frequently breaking down and the demand was not sufficient to justify running a double decker.
  7. Can this page be renamed from https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/JetSet_Parking_709#Details JetSet Parking 709 to JetSet Parking 709-710 Thanks!
  8. Agreed! Many transit agencies have ignored me and/or even blocked me in the past so this was a nice surprise. What I'm curious about is that the wiki states 302, 308 and 328 as being retired but this rep did not mention that. I believe that @Only1Moore wrote 328 as being retired in August. I'm curious as to where you got that information. I'm not saying it's wrong because it could very well be that my source missed it. I seemed to have marked 302 as retired in August and 308 as retired in November 2019 based of auction records which I will double check tonight
  9. Was recently in contact with a The Bus rep and asked a few questions about their fleet. The first question was just to see if they knew what they were talking about. Seems many of their phantoms have been retired. Also interesting to note that more battery electric buses are already being considered.
  10. Was doing random research and found a photo of this bus and wondered what it was. I've spent the last hour researching but didn't find much. I hope someone will be able to help me out. Not my picture BTW
  11. 4216 also seems to have gotten in some trouble, albeit, less than its sibling 4215. https://instagram.com/stories/yyj.aviation/2469933232759319877?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=pgn2o67vz0hn These are not my pictures.
  12. Does warranty cover for this? Honestly it doesn’t look unfixable. I’ve seen worst be fixed.
  13. 4215 was involved in a roll over less than an hour ago. Drive was the only occupant and there’s no word on their condition. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJFbgH5DILr/?igshid=zpnlwov102yw https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cheknews.ca/bc-transit-bus-crash-in-langford-traffic-delays-on-tch-728441/%3Famp
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