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  1. I did some extensive research but can’t seem to figure out why the 79 went to the Université Laval. In fact from what I know the 79 should even wander anywhere near the university.
  2. Well BA has just sold the following 747s to Rossiya G-BYGA G-BYGB G-BYGC G-BYGD G-BYGE G-BYGF G-BYGG
  3. Thank you for these samples. I'm going to be honest and say that I am not a fan of all these proposed changes. Before I explain myself I would just like to say that as a wiki editor who has edited and even created Vin pages many times I fully understand how time consuming and annoying editing Vin pages can be. Frankly, editing vin pages are a pain in the you know where. Now for the reasons why I'm not a huge fan of these changes... I believe that when we combine the serial numbers it can look very messy because you end up with one line consisting of one bus/serial number and the following line consisting of 8 buses/serial number merged together. Maybe it's just me and my mild perfectionism but I am not a huge fan. On a positive note I think removing the alternating blue was a good idea because it's very annoying when you have to insert Vin numbers in the middle of a big page. There were a few vins in the past that I wanted to add but the page was soo long is simply discouraged me from doing so because I would spend an hour playing with the colours. I am also not a huge fan of all the NFI Xcelsior models into one year. New Flyer manufacturers many buses in a year so if we were to combine them all onto one page it would make for a veeeeeeery long page. I am also not a fan of this because I like to visit a random page and look and see, for example, who owns 2014 XDE40s and to see what they are used for but I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one that does that. Anyways, that you for these great suggestions! I wish I had a little more positivity to spread but maybe next time. -Thomas
  4. Even though no one ever reads this thread I felt I should share another update. 2001-2004 have all entered service as of earlier this month and are commonly seen on some of the islander routes (10, 20). That being said, 1901-1902 no longer only operate on the 20 and have now operate on the 28. 1902 is down for warranty so 2702 is replacing it. I don't know what's wrong but 1901-1902 have been in for warranty issues quite a bit. 2701 is not retired yet and is just getting some repairs done but 2702 is still running on the 28 and, believe it or not, the only reason its still running is because they are trying to get it to hit 1 million miles. Its currently in the 900s. They are trying to keep 2701-2702 as long as possible because they provide extra capacity on routes which would usually use 35 footers.
  5. Thomasw

    Saskatoon Updates

    I have just edited the wiki to reflect the fact that 9706 is still active.
  6. Could you share the pictures you took and why you think they are different buses?
  7. Dunbar Loop is getting bay numbers as per an email alert from Translink.
  8. Hello, could some change the name of the page to 1901-1963 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Réseau_de_transport_de_la_Capitale_1902-1964
  9. I don’t know Southlands very well but I don’t imagine they would bother painting it. The bus doesn’t have red and orange lights meaning that even if it were to be painted it would not be made legal to be used as a school bus.
  10. What are the new 30s buses and how many are there?
  11. I PMed someone here with this question already but I seemed to have lost it so here goes... Where is the best place to spot or ride the Vanhools?
  12. I didn’t say anything but Spark Corn in Chilliwack has one that they use.
  13. Currently 19102, 19104 and 19105 are tacking on route 11.
  14. BUMP.... Recently I've been tracking Lane transit on Pantographapp.com and noticed some new buses. I believe that Lane has received 6 (or more) XDE60s as 19102 and 19106 were on the radar last night and currently 19106 is on route 11. On the radar they are listed as being 2020 model year XDE60s. I will keep my eye out and keep you all updated. On another note, according to New Flyer, Lane Transit District order 11 XE40s along with 7 charging stations. https://www.newflyer.com/2020/03/oregons-lane-transit-awards-contract-to-new-flyer-for-mobility-solution-that-includes-both-electric-buses-and-depot-chargers/ On again another note, in July along with many other transit agencies nation wide, Lane Transit began installing driver barriers on their buses. https://www.ltd.org/latest-news/ltd-starts-installation-drivers-barrier/
  15. *Sigh* I knew this would happen. Back in September someone told be that someone from the garage said all the 00XX unit and 01XX were retired and I doubted them but nonetheless I did the edit. My apologies! Reply to this comment with 00XX and 01XX signtings and I will undo the changes I did. I am very sorry. Lesson learned!
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