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  1. Looks like an xcelsior (nfi) on the side. But a Nova on the front with a touch of enviro500.
  2. Yes community shuttles are not allowed to carry standees. There's quite a lot of policies to follow. Let's say someone wants to ride the bus. It's a shuttle. They have a stroller. That person will be allowed to stand to hold it if there's no seat available. NOBODY else permitted.
  3. Wiki only states serious head on collision. Used as parts bus for rest of them. Scrapped same month (April 2010). Was only 2 years old. Ps: I'm glad I'm a new flyer man. I hate everything about the novas and would rather see my good ol' 1995-1998 New Flyers return from heaven
  4. First novas (from what i remember) were 94's new to Chilliwack for the 66. They came in 2015. So my guess is 66 is same age as those buses
  5. 18516 parked at kal tire 180th & highway 10
  6. Exactly. On top of that weren't the rapidbus units ordered for use ONLY on rapidbus routes? R1 was 96 b line and switched to rapidbus r1. 15000's are even still used on r1 even though those units are not rapidbus units. I don't think scott road rapidbus should exist. Just remove rapidbus branding.........
  7. I think transit needs to step up and move routes Example. Run rapidbus as a 4/11 split. 11 onto blanshard and somehow back to Douglas returning to tillicum 4 usual route to/from Douglas but continue up as a 11 to uvic (big circle) These are just suggestions. I could add more to this
  8. I'll miss those units! I already miss the d40lf's. By time i can "visit" Victoria i bet the training units along with any other remaining d40lf's will be done service At least I'll still get to "visit" the preserved wvmt unit when it's out somewhere AND 9753. Even though i liked the voith more then the allison.
  9. Basically it's saying skytrain will be less frequent. They couldn't make it a one day holiday (this year only) with a week notice to all employers (not just transit) We all miss our Queen dearly. May her Majesty rest in peace. Maybe one day we will meet again (even though we never did or have)
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