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  1. It's either the next order(s) will be held like the Deckers until q2 2021. Or takes longer to deliver. Says this article. They are experiencing delays: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/nfi-group-update-on-impact-of-covid-19-pandemic-852013341.html
  2. Over at 144 St & 64 Ave around 20 minutes ago i just saw an 18000 series (xde60) on the 342 heading towards Langley. For training? Idk. Because the 12:20 pm ish 342 was almost directly behind it! Also it's not showing on tcomm?
  3. Just send them the 5 high floor ones and take ours back. They got enough so far. (rich land)
  4. Around 5:30pm yesterday (my phone died so i don't have exact time) i saw i believe it was s15006 coming off the 640. My buddy that caught it at 5:38 (idk fleet number) going to ladner he saw another one on route. I don't know if it's a regular sighting now because of "full" buses (coronavirus) or just regular in general?
  5. Hmm what do you call free transit? Fully free bus system without removal of service? That's news to me! Of course there's gotta be cancellations. Driver's can get sick. Just making a point about service. If i went off topic i apologize
  6. I was just watching "once upon a time" on Netflix. I swear i saw a 2014 girardin shuttle nearby Columbia station. And i saw a mark 1 set. 027 i think i saw not sure (can find out). Was these episodes filmed in New Westminster? The police station isn't where it is in video. Anyone see them filming years ago? (Nearest 2010 or newer) Season 7 episode 17 has some translink in it. So if anyone wants to see a few things from translink just watch "once upon a time"
  7. Will the 351 go white Rock centre, and up to crescent Beach following the 351's route? Or make the 351 go from South Surrey park and ride/Bridgeport station only? Most passengers get off at the park and ride anyways. And 351 only follows the 321 after the Park and ride to white Rock anyways. But 350 should be a stc route (in its jurisdiction) rather than rtc. Any thoughts?
  8. Guessing the first 4-5 xn40 are for whistler. Next 21 are for vic. And 3 for cfv. Still leaves like 9-10 units without a home. Would Victoria maybe be getting more than 21 xn40 to replace more d40lf perhaps? Far as I'm aware there are more than 21 of the worst conditioned in the fleet of Vic. (Most of my reply probably belongs to the bct fleet section i think)
  9. If I remember correctly the 8 long ago i believe went thru Strathcona, up behind Superstore, followed like the old 7 and the 9, but express downtown without going through TRU, both ways Strathcona. That i hope is mostly correct. I think it might have went like the 7 schedule is now. Why can't they do the 6a city loop via South Kamloops secondary school (SKSS), 6b city loop via sahali like a shoppers shuttle without going SKSS route?
  10. It still goes to airport i think. Let me find my newest Jan schedule and I'll reply back Edit: from September 1 2019 schedule and Jan 5 2020 they both don't show airport on them for the #1. Maybe the airport has a special bus going to Crestline? I haven't been that direction of town for a while but it'll be handy to know!
  11. Was the adhesive for holding the ad used a bit too much in some spots that when they pulled the ad off, those came off with it? All it takes is just a little too much adhesive in some areas to pull stuff off with it leaving much under it intact. Or when NFI was painting the numbers/letters on the units, they messed up? Or was the paint/lettering/numbering added on after shipping?
  12. I think i seen a dart on the 26 *just once* few years ago when i lived near tillicum mall. Before i moved to Surrey. (I need to make a comeback and just move back to Vic again but this ain't the area to chat about it)
  13. Well there's so much maintenance that can happen nightly. But I'm definitely wanting to know also
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