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  1. I seen that on tcomm it's doing 620 between 3:30-11:32 block. Not the right area to say this but i plan to ride it tonight
  2. Yes it is 18330. I looked closer to the license plate. Matched 18330.
  3. Just upgrade the b-line system, now we will have b-line AND RB doing the EXACT same stuff. The 99 won't be RB because it'll be a subway eventually (hope that's correct), so no point having both. Speaking of that are they making R1 white Rock side eventually still? They were in process on upgrading that small bridge near South Surrey park n ride until they didn't want the LRT but wanted to upgrade the 96, now they are doing RB. Waste of money leaving that poor bridge in that state!
  4. It's just an upgraded version of b-line that interlines with nightbus work. I knew that'll happen
  5. There wasn't any overtime for mechanics. So if there was no mechanic available then yes a back log happens. Can't just have that many boed buses in shop without sending in some spares. This'll make more sense. Since it may be time to retire orions left there, send remaining 19s to ptc. They had nothing new since 2014 xn40s, shuttles that turned into crap to replace with what they have now, and the xde60s. Those de60lfr are very used but only 10 years old max. Ps: give surrey back their 18200 unit! I'll trade another unit instead!
  6. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/mobile/tentative-deal-reached-with-transit-workers-to-avoid-commuter-chaos-1.4704335 They got a tentative deal. Says to watch the 5:30am CTV news for more information
  7. All i want gone are the nova to me they are complete garbage to my taste buds, as well as the 7447-7504/3309-3358 series. Those are crap to me. We all have different model tastes.
  8. All i know they return to the table tomorrow for an emergency bargain. But let's hope it doesn't involve in a full shutdown for 3+ days (like 2001 but less). There are first transit driver's taking conventional (means those runs could be gone), there are handydart drivers taking conventional, mall employers, employees, and other people that reply on transit. Cmbc and unifor if you hear this, just take the deal as is and raise the fare a bit to help with bus service etc. The shutdown will have a huge impact on whoo trusts you again, less customers using transit the less employees and customers there will be.
  9. Just buy a small storage barn. Keep the spare units there. Just a thought. We know translink may be broke because the driver's don't get enough pay to skip breaks due to the short recovery time from being late.
  10. I heard the 595 will extend to Lougheed Highway because R3 won't go to Maple Meadows station. So with that said. They'll have to make each bus that stops at the station get extended (3 shuttles, 791, 701, 595). The wce will miss the crowd. Etc. They could easily make the R3 run from the old 701/791 bus stop on street outside the station. Have the crowd walk into the loop to make their connection. Also heard 595 was to go back to haney. They could run 595 making all stops on Lougheed. The r3 making Express stops. Everyone wins that way All from the wiki pages away except my few points. (hope the transit planners are looking)
  11. Really hasn't been out since Halloween? Maybe translink/cmbc is trying to scare the transit enthusiasts into they are done as a long Halloween joke?
  12. At least we know translink and CMBC weren't needing to pay for the bus to get fixed since new flyer was still delivering it and wasn't our area. At least now it made it here safe!
  13. If it's 2001 again, they better get their heads screwed in straight!
  14. Crime scene at 144 st and 64 ave. Help is already here. 364 to langley is stopping at 342 bus stop (55962). 342 is delayed from traffic. I would take a snap but i don't have the time. (not transit wise but delays buses)
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