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  1. New model. New bus. Takes time to work em out of misery. Don't be alarmed to see them out of service for times here and there! Mostly can only go on the 100 for testing purposes. Eventually they'll plan to upgrade other routes/facilities for use of this model (or newer)
  2. I'm not complaining. Safer the better. If it's a weak door will it last? The more serious the hardware is the better it will become!
  3. That would be 2101 (i believe it went to Edmonton back in the day for showcasing or training if i remember correctly). And all about the trolleys can be seen on the wiki
  4. If the driver is already (xx) late. That comes off their break. So doesn't it mean it can make them (xx) later if they take a mandatory break? I do agree ops need breaks. 364 earlier this evening was running a bit late but changed into 595 4 minutes if that on time from traffic congestion. And left a few min late. Got to Maple Meadows station i believe minus 10 (traffic again near carvolth was pretty insane). If a driver is running late. They still deserve a break because of the timing is correct but the traffic congestion consumed the break. I'm just saying just take a break. But let the passengers know your running late and need a few minutes to wind down (apology). Last year i was riding the 319 (idk exact date). And when it got back up the hill by Petro Canada the transit security asked if the op had a break. Said no. They gave the op a few minutes. So breaks are see. Mandatory! (Hope i made a bit of sense in a long reply)
  5. Take em all if you like. Then the rest of the d40lf and all the d60lf remaining is in one garage
  6. Just don't take my 19's in Surrey. Take the lower lower 2018s when needed but return them!
  7. I think this option of Deckers for 2019 should go full Richmond. Next order should go half HTC and PTC (if they by then can accommodate them by next fall but probably not)
  8. 18198-18206 transferred to htc due to the 340 gone to htc. All Surrey Orion's went to Richmond along with the 301. 555 confirmed RTC January. Since all the d40lf went to Surrey. Surrey should get all the 2019 xn40 (this belongs here because they were to be HTC says the H on some units still). Please read a few pages some of you are behind! (No offense)
  9. And it doesn't show up on tcomm. So more likely driver didn't login to system but changed the destination sign manually. That's my share on what may have happened
  10. Looks like handydart. Could be wrong. The shuttles i see in service have the ramp on the side not the back. Handydart has it on back. (except when transferred from conventional shuttle service to handydart)
  11. Speaking of Victoria getting 21 of the next order of xn40. Are they all based out of vtc or LTC (Victoria or landlord)? 21 xn40 equals 21 old ones gone! (The drivers may be sad to see them go though)
  12. I noticed that a few hours ago! But to translink it is a third party site. It's probably down for updates/maintenance.
  13. Being on topic here. S18129 is now running half hour plus late. Because earlier there was a police incident with getting someone off the bus. *Note: information came to me from transit information/customer service and accurate. I called them around 7:45 while it was just turning back into 342 Newton Exchange. ***Let's all be friendly here and not be rude to one another.***
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