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  1. Wooo got my training date finally for October 11th! After that I’m off to Arrow road which is amazing since it’s closest to home! Good luck to everyone!
  2. Finally reached documention on Thursday September 20th after being stuck in medical! Anyone else going to this session?
  3. Oh ok thanks! It’s been a rough go with all this 30 day CPAP testing. Hoping to get it moving soon now that that’s over and done with.
  4. Hey, sorry off topic and don’t know how to send you a message without replying lol. but I read your post from a while back about the whole sleep apnea testing. I just sent my clearance paperwork. Any idea how long it takes to get your documentation once you submit the CPAP info?
  5. Hey guys. I’ve passed everything except medical. I’ve been told I have moderate sleep apnea and need to wear a CPAP machine and then test again. Anyone went through this? If so, were there any issues with being hired? I’m a bit worried.
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