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  1. Has anyone here had customer complaints during the 10 month probation and have had to see the boss for it?
  2. UNLESS REQUESTED (CHECK EMAIL TO SEE WHAT THEY ARE ASKING YOU TO BRING), you don't need to bring a list of references. At the documentation, you are basically filling out benefits forms and insurance forms, etc.
  3. What time do the shifts start if you finish around 2/3 am? Do the shifts go longer than 8 hrs on average?
  4. So my understanding is that you have not received your documentation email yet? If so, email your recruiter. If they don't respond to your email within a day or two, call them. There is nothing wrong with a follow-up email. Medysis will let you know if the results were inconclusive and/or if you tested positive for anything.
  5. how many days of in-class training and when do they actually train you on the bus or let you sit in the seat to be trained?
  6. Can someone shed light on what the training schedule is like for Bus from day 1-day 25? What happens on the last day of training?
  7. What do you have to bring to the documentation?
  8. Hey guys, any one waiting for documentation date from info session on May 22,23, 24?? not many updates from anyone here lately...whats going on??? no news yet?? or any of you waiting for police clearance and medysis?
  9. Has anyone from information SESSION&INTERVIEW on MAY 22, 23, & 24, received a call for Documentation yet?
  10. hi, just to answer your question....after you have done your medicals... the results of your medical assessment will be directly sent to TTC..there is no need for you to call HR unless you choose to call them. If you require any further medical assessment, Medysis WILL BE IN TOUCH WITH YOU FOR SURE. You will only require further testing or a medical note from a doctor, IF MEDYSIS ASKS FOR IT. IF THEY DONT ASK, THEN YOU DONT NEED TO PROVIDE ANYTHING. BUT, once you receive your clearance from the Police, email your assigned recruiter the copy. Your recruited will then LET YOU KNOW THE NEXT STEP. I hope this helps you....this is all stated in your documents which were provided to you along with your conditional offer.
  11. Hi Guys, can any of you tell me what documents are required for documentation..and what happens during documentation? and how long does it take?? Just wondering so that I know if I would need to take a day off from work. Thank you all.
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