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  1. Word is there might be some layoffs so if you're still in the process don't expect anything to come up anytime soon
  2. Congrats, now the real work begins. My advice, keep your mouth shut, only worry about your bus, don't worry about time, and probation will come and go and next step is full rate.
  3. In my opinion day 25 is a whole lot easier, but you'll be tested on an actual route with revenue for like 20 minutes, you'll get all the information ahead of day 25.
  4. Very simple, do your homework EVERY day, LISTEN to your instructor, if not sure of anything ASK! I can't stress that enough, no question is a stupid question. You will be at Hillcrest the first week with air brakes test the first week, after that you will be with your instructor and/or partner at various divisions/garage for in class and bus training. You will get a training schedule the first day outlining all training and test days. Good luck.
  5. In anticipation of the Mcnicoll garage slated to open later this year, training will be on hold until all transfers are retrained in their modes.
  6. Yes, if you postpone it you will be taken out of the queue and the possibility of a different division and mode is high, also a reminder you may be waiting longer for a new training date due to not many classes being instructed.
  7. It can be as early as a few weeks to 6 months, it will test your patience but they will give you at least 2 weeks notice.
  8. After passing day 25 road test you have 3 days divisional training then you're placed on spareboard and on your own, no break.
  9. The agreement they signed in October 2018 runs until 2021, honestly the threat of privatization won't affect operators in the immediate future. The union won't allow that to happen.
  10. Yep, my girlfriend at the time broke up with me within 3 months of working for TTC knowing in advance of my schedule, oh well, my pension is still secure.
  11. They will remind you again and again during training, what to expect schedule wise, it is what you sign up for. Every new operator has gone through it and you will get no sympathy. It will be hard in the beginning to get crew exchanges done but not impossible but be ready to miss holidays, birthdays, date nights, etc. Also, if and when you do get through training you will be placed on spareboard and you can't do exchanges when you're on spareboard. Don't want to sound like a downer but that's reality.
  12. As a newbie you will be placed in accordance to work force levels, so say you are placed in Malvern during training and during Master sign ups other operators transfer to Malvern and fills up you will be bumped out and placed elsewhere, remember with seniority new operators are helpless in where you go. Mcnicoll is going to be a retirement home
  13. New McNicoll division planned for 2020, a bunch of routes reorganized and yes what @Bus_Medic said, based on seniority you re bid on what division to work from, with that being said to new operators you may not stay where you are now or after training
  14. I have a friend that does Wheel-Trans and it's pretty much like a taxicab, you get pick ups and drop off times and location, they will train you in handling of various mobility device and ailments.
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