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  1. As a newbie you will be placed in accordance to work force levels, so say you are placed in Malvern during training and during Master sign ups other operators transfer to Malvern and fills up you will be bumped out and placed elsewhere, remember with seniority new operators are helpless in where you go. Mcnicoll is going to be a retirement home
  2. New McNicoll division planned for 2020, a bunch of routes reorganized and yes what @Bus_Medic said, based on seniority you re bid on what division to work from, with that being said to new operators you may not stay where you are now or after training
  3. I have a friend that does Wheel-Trans and it's pretty much like a taxicab, you get pick ups and drop off times and location, they will train you in handling of various mobility device and ailments.
  4. @NoUse4AName I drive out of Mt.Dennis and the routes are harder than most divisions, eg.more turns, tight residential streets, and true to the passengers, you will deal with lots BS but it's how you deal with it. More people rely on the TTC in the west end. Survive training, probation and then you can put in a transfer. Good luck!
  5. During training it's ok to mount or touch the curb but get it out of your system before the test because one mount and you fail but rubbing the curb you will lose points.
  6. Speed, weather conditions, inexperienced operator, anything is possible.
  7. Why would they train you on all 3?? I wonder sometimes about these newbies.
  8. According to management it's possible but in a case by case scenario and must involve "compassionate grounds".
  9. Here's a link that was extremely helpful in the recruitment process. https://www.jobtestprep.com/ttc-recruitment-process Good luck!
  10. I'm at Mt.Dennis as well, if you can get through our routes you can drive anywhere. My advice with training is take it one day at a time, you will be overwhelmed, do your homework and if you have a bad day (mounting curbs, etc.)don't be discouraged and most importantly listen to your instructor. Good luck.
  11. Sorry bud if you're too lazy to look then any TTC job is not right for you.
  12. My advice is listen to your instructor, if you're not sure of anything ASK!! Don't be a hero, or think you know everything, take your time and you'll be ok. How the hell did she pass training?? Lol
  13. Routes are tough, lots of tight turns, but if you can get through training at Mt.Dennis then you can work any division, you will learn how to drive really fast or you will fail.
  14. Potential operators need to realize it takes time and patience. They are now only hiring on a need basis so no more fast tracking, before it would take at least a year or two before you are called for training. I do realize the millennials don't have the patience. Contact your hr recruiter, if no response then you're out of luck. They usually do contact you pass or fail but know some got no responses.
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