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  1. They are to order 4 new buses that will take about a year to get. Waiting on the grant. Talked to Mel the supervisor ... now just a waiting game when they will get the cash to get badly needed buses
  2. Hey did you hear that 0559 had a catastrophic accident of a failed bearing caused the wheel catch fire and fell off the bus... glad it didnt kill anyone https://inquinte.ca/story/rear-wheels-fall-off-belleville-city-bus Also 0660 is MIA atm wondering if getting referbed 5704 is missing on the wiki back in service after catching fire... new transmission in her 1370 and 1371 has bad transmissions from first to second gear. The buses are being overworked. They have confirmed 4 new buses have been ordered. I hope they get a new livery Yep just mentioned it too. I loved that bus super comfy seats. Plushy
  3. I see there is a bus missing from the wiki lol ? i tried to be the editor was denied epic fail probably the oldest bus and there is buses retired not properly done
  4. Both sister buses 1370 and 1371 have been in service! The reason why 1370 was not in service for the longest time confirmed by the driver driving it as the breakdown. Major computer issues associating with 1370. Somehow the computer had alarms going off and also the dash lit up like a christmas tree. The computer said that there was an “error” with the accordian and thought it was an articulated bus. Which clearly its a 40 footer. The driver shut off and was in the shop and was ran under a series of intense diagnostic tests to see the failure. Although he didnt know what the outcome but its nice to see sisters out and about again! 1371 the SHORELINE bus shuttle again on the #6/#8 routes. Also new fare boxes are having issues again and some bad glitches. 1066 and 1371 was again having issues with the QR reader for transfers. Beeping and alarms going off! So quite a few to fix out bugs and issues. Debit and credit they have to do contracts still. No bills accepted by fareboxes ... so now just wait and see 0761 still gone out of service... I think extensive refurbishment being done or retired. Nobody knows where it is and the transit wont tell so if someone can keep an eye out for it on the 401 corridor that would be awesome! By the way the fare boxes are new gfi’s and again issues... wife sent me these
  5. New fare boxes are now operating will even accept debit/credit
  6. They are getting new fareboxes this weekend about time these gfi’s are junk they work half the time anymore and tickets and bills part dont work I rode it too lol well what happened to 1371??
  7. Anyone know what happened to 0761? Is it being referb I haven’t seen it in service for months. 0863 is smoking, 0660 is making nasty belt noises. Poor maintenance because lack of spare buses 3rd gens wheel chair ramps are failing!
  8. How many VIIs are left? Any? Gonna go visit next week hoping to see more of the rattle boxes
  9. Well today 5704 came back into service after a fire broke out in the engine and damaged a lot. New paint job but you can see slight melting on the bumper and slightly yellowed paint. Still sound kind of rough but but enough to put 0559 as backup also 0826 had major mechanical issues. Drivers side light high beam was flickering and hasnt been in service for a week now. Must be electrical or BCM issue. Belleville seems to have quite a bit of problems with their fleet and also keeping up with heat and the heat wave as well Dead nova 0862 hasnt been back in service since this pic
  10. Yep its officially a loaner from Leduc Bus Lines confirmed by driver
  11. Looks like belleville might be leasing a Leduc Bus since 5704 caught fire. 3932 was on the #3 route today. saw a belleville transit operator driving it Another photo
  12. Today 0458 caught fire today sadly. Looks like extensive damage on rear end ... so unknown what the future holds for her. Wife lives in the area. photos from twitter #dickiebuckshot Heres the trolly replica ... first day in service.
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