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  1. Jaymaud0804

    Saskatoon Updates

    I'm visiting S'toon for Christmas. Will the classics be active then? Also, what routes are they normally on?
  2. Jaymaud0804

    School Buses

    I tried that, but they just told me how to book a charter and that you could charter school buses, motorcoaches, "executive buses", and minibuses. When I asked about the fleet itself, no response was given
  3. Jaymaud0804

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Just saw 4 Greyhound buses heading east on highway 1 between Calgary and Bassano 3 in new livery, 1 in old. Didn't think you look for the fleet numbers on the first 2, but the second 2 were 6216 and 623* (I think 6235, but not certain) Signs said “shuttle” (it was scrolling, only saw shuttle), “Kelowna, BC”, “Calgary, AB” and the first bus’s sign started with a “B”
  4. Jaymaud0804

    Medicine Hat Transit

    Does anyone know any history about: Mobile command post 1044 (old look, formerly 744) City storage 1045 (new look, formerly 752) The last bus in the gallery quoted below: 773 was a Solo (soon to be a Vicinity) and that isn't either one of those.
  5. Jaymaud0804

    Medicine Hat Transit

    MHT support vehicle 714 in the terminal this morning
  6. Jaymaud0804

    ETS CNG Demos

    And 760 (6007) Here's a so-so picture of 761 in the terminal
  7. Jaymaud0804

    ETS CNG Demos

    Video onboard MHT 761, AKA ETS 6008
  8. Jaymaud0804

    ETS CNG Demos

    Medicine Hat Transit 760 AKA ETS 6007. I've only been seeing 761 either in the dark or in the dimly-lit terminal, so I haven't gotten a picture yet.
  9. Jaymaud0804

    Feature Photo Submissions

    A 2010 D40LFR that is to be replaced by Vicinities soon, seen in Medicine Hat, Alberta
  10. In 2008, I saw someone get stabbed while riding a BBC trolley. Yay for dedmonton!
  11. Jaymaud0804

    Medicine Hat Transit

    A sight we aren't going to see for much longer!
  12. Jaymaud0804

    ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    These are 30 foot, right?
  13. Jaymaud0804

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    "It's educational"
  14. Jaymaud0804

    Grande West Transportation

    Medicine Hat Transit just ordered 11 Vicinity 35' (6 CNG, 5 diesel). On page 12, I believe. https://docs.medicinehat.ca/OnBaseAgendaOnline/Documents/ViewDocument/REGULAR_MEDICINE_HAT_CITY_COUNCIL_3568_Agenda_Packet_2018-11-05_6_30_00_PM.pdf?meetingId=3568&documentType=AgendaPacket&itemId=0&publishId=0&isSection=false&fbclid=IwAR1izwuajw7tYdelUGeQNwIwCmYTQTwVjshJTUarvmQ7G3TTtnw92y3Fu-w Also, where is the build info found? (See photo for what I mean)
  15. Are there any classic artics left? By that, I mean not scrapped.