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  1. Imgursdownvote4love

    Some Virginia Transit fleet rosters

    You'd have to contact 'Invision Community' (who coded the software). Also, it's J. Boic that owns CPTDB
  2. If I had to guess, 3-5k.
  3. Imgursdownvote4love

    Southland Transportation

    Motorcoaches in Medicine Hat: Ex. Diversified 1527. Prevost H3-41. VIN 2PCH33417Y1013360 (2000) Ex. Prairie 3001. MCI J4505. VIN 1MB6DMHAX8P058270 (Sept. 2007) Ex. Pacific Western Transportation 1985 (presumably). MCI 102-DL3. VIN 1M8PDMPA3VP049153 (1997) Southland 1996. MCI 102-DL3. VIN unknown. Built mid-1990's.
  4. Imgursdownvote4love

    Miami Dade transit

    He did, however, credit them both in the description and with a watermark.
  5. Imgursdownvote4love

    Modifying a page title

    I typed it in the search bar the same way as it was displayed, so perhaps that's why. When I double checked later, the page was saved as cache, and thus continued to display as such.
  6. Imgursdownvote4love

    Miami Dade transit

    What are you talking about?
  7. Imgursdownvote4love

    Some Virginia Transit fleet rosters

    What the hell... 2019_05_24_17_53_29.mp4
  8. Imgursdownvote4love

    The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    Confederation Line LRT project reaches a milestone! (It's officially one year late) - Ottawa Citizen
  9. Imgursdownvote4love

    Medicine Hat Transit

    They have started removing the ads from 747 and (finally) putting them on the C40LFRs. Considering 747 hasn't missed a day of service since April, I think the last D40LF in Medicine Hat doesn't have much time left
  10. Imgursdownvote4love

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    It wasn't yesterday, and all (active) 7600s are supposed to be Stoney buses
  11. Naw, they are awesome (keep in mind I only rode Vancouver's in 2011). Medicine Hat's are very nice (2012 models, though). Also the only CMBC fleet number to end in 00
  12. Imgursdownvote4love

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    7601 was on a 118 this morning, making it display as a Spring Gardens bus on Transit55
  13. Imgursdownvote4love

    2018 Novabus LFS CNG Sightings and Deliveries

    Calgary Transit NovaBUS LFS CNG deliveries This post with be edited until the first spotting on the next page is posted. Green- delivered, in service Black- delivered, not in service Red- not delivered Units delivered: 40/40 8355 8356 8357 8358 8359 8360 8361 8362 8363 8364 8365 8366 8367 8368 8369 8370 8371 8372 8373 8374 8375 8376 8377 8378 8379 8380 8381 8382 8383 8384 8385 8386 8387 8388 8389 8390 8391 8392 8393 8394 Units in service: 39/40
  14. Imgursdownvote4love

    TTC CLRV/ALRV updates and discussion

    Do you know what the capacity is?
  15. Imgursdownvote4love

    TTC CLRV/ALRV updates and discussion

    I'm assuming either mechanical or space issues