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  1. You know you just said that to a site admin, right?
  2. The current feature photo is closer to 4:3 than 16:9 at ~1000x700.
  3. Pretty much, yes. This confirms out earlier theories about basket.
  4. Is that... Is that 1 sentence? Who over the age of 12 calls things gay?
  5. The city is cutting my favourite tree down!
  6. To add on to that, what about an articulated CNG?
  7. "The Rideau Canal was built in 5 years, and only a few people died. Why can't we do the same for the Confederation Line?"
  8. Off-topic, but the NFI MiDi is actually an Enviro 200, right? I wonder if it'll be called the MiDi again now that ADL is a part of NFI Group
  9. 1996: 4 more MIA, 1 2 back (7611, 7638)! 1999: 4 more MIA, 1 (7663) back.
  10. Perhaps a 'chameleon light' and 'chameleon dark' theme
  11. Not eating but rather drinking some tea my mom brought back from China. Apparently, the box (1kg) cost $400. The cup was free, though.
  12. It changes, I guess. I use red theme, but when I tried it it was mostly black
  13. I also like that there were some more creative shots taken, such as these:
  14. I saw the D60, D40LF, and MC-9 at Spruce Meadows a while back
  15. That's the one. The other cutaway beside it was the Town of Biggar bus, and there's an ex. Greyhound MCI 102-DL3.
  16. It was, indeed, 749! My guess is that it was in the compound waiting for parts.
  17. Along Highway 14, heading west out of town (between Biggar and Landis). You can easily see it from the highway
  18. True, but a driver showed me how easy it is to change the fleet number on the tablets a while back. You just go into settings and it's right there. He made it track as bus 007 for a couple runs before someone said something to him.
  19. Don't know if the trackers are to be believed, but DoubleMap shows 749 as being active on the 11/22/20. Last I saw it, it was parked in the storage compound beside 746.
  20. Michael Stevens says prime numbers for 3 hours and 32 seconds
  21. They are now for sale https://cvbussales.com/product/2016-vicinity/
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