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  1. You know you just said that to a site admin, right?
  2. 1. Why? 2. I think he thought you were picking your nose
  3. The current feature photo is closer to 4:3 than 16:9 at ~1000x700.
  4. Pretty much, yes. This confirms out earlier theories about basket.
  5. Is that... Is that 1 sentence? Who over the age of 12 calls things gay?
  6. The city is cutting my favourite tree down!
  7. To add on to that, what about an articulated CNG?
  8. "The Rideau Canal was built in 5 years, and only a few people died. Why can't we do the same for the Confederation Line?"
  9. One driver asked me why I always took pictures of the buses. I told her that I was a bus fanner, and explained that foamers were like car/truck nerds. She then said that she hadn't heard of such a thing before, and was curious of what it was I was doing. Another one from school a while back: You like buses. Kids ride on buses. Therefore, you are a pedophile.
  10. Off-topic, but the NFI MiDi is actually an Enviro 200, right? I wonder if it'll be called the MiDi again now that ADL is a part of NFI Group
  11. 1996: 4 more MIA, 1 2 back (7611, 7638)! 1999: 4 more MIA, 1 (7663) back.
  12. Perhaps a 'chameleon light' and 'chameleon dark' theme
  13. Not eating but rather drinking some tea my mom brought back from China. Apparently, the box (1kg) cost $400. The cup was free, though.
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