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  1. Well, I pretty much spelled out the math and physics in my post there. Wheel diameter, more or less fixed. Drive train gear ratio, fixed. Pole pair count in traction motors, fixed. Synchronous speed in RPM = (120*f)/number of poles is fixed. Subtract some speed due to slip and the real value will be lower. Whatever f tops out at from the traction power inverter is, is going to be one of the very serious limiting factors that will come into play and restrict top speed on these cars.
  2. I wonder what the theoretical top speed of one of the LFLRVs is? The new streetcars have three phase induction motors so it's pretty straightforward to compute top synchronous speed if you know the number of pole pairs the motors have and the top frequency the traction power inverters will provide. Then work through what the drivetrain gear reduction ratio does to shaft speed and wheel diameter, then account for slip between synchronus speed and actual rotational speed under load and all that other blah blah blah nobody likes to deal with. You can arrive at a computed top speed with a bit of work. How close was that to what actual, real world proving tests measured? AC motors are very different beasts from DC machines, especially series wound motors which have a theoretically unlimited top speed when they aren't loaded and are only limited by real-world factors like friction which is why traction adhesion isn't as good and why you can do some serious damage birdcaging them when you have wheel slip...
  3. Woman lit on fire at Toronto subway station, man in custody, police say And again. I'm really starting to wonder whether the frequency of violent incidents on the TTC has ticked upward sharply recently and why, or if it's increased reporting that makes it look that way.
  4. Yes. Just like I thought. A backorder confirmation email showed up this morning. The estimated ship date field says July 15-22 so about a month from now and slightly over a month from when the order was placed. So much for "In stock" and "Ships within 5 days". This is the second time they've made specific claims about inventory and then pulled a surprise backorder so I'm not too pleased. If I use this company again, I'm going to phone it in instead of ordering online so I can quiz someone about inventory status first before committing an order. Adult headaches. Oh to be a busketeer hunting for Orion 7s...
  5. I placed an order for close to a thousand dollars worth of stuff from one of my suppliers last week. Everything is claimed to be in stock on the website. All the machine generated emails came through as expected, the credit card I specified got charged, the UPS shipment notifications came through as normal so everything looked good at first glance except for the UPS shipment notification which said 1.2 lb for the weight. That's not right. One of the items in the order alone weighs a couple of pounds alone so something's wrong with the shipment weight. Got a delivery notification while I was at football practice last night so my bigger concern was being porch pirated before I could get home despite there being a strong incentive against that sitting out front. Anyways, the package was still there when I got home and, sure enough, as soon as I pick it up, I know the shipment's incomplete. Way too light. Open the box and read the packing list and all three items were listed but only two were present. Check the order online. Everything's listed. Check all the documents and find that the missing item's listed as a quantitiy of 1 in the "Qty B/O" column on the invoice and nowhere else anywhere is there any mention that it's frigging back ordered. If you only looked at the packing slip and compared it against what was present in the box, you'd be excused for hitting the ceiling. If it isn't in stock and on back order from the manufacturer, say so. This rinkydink ship a partial order and then place a manufacturer order for the out of stock items business is nonsense and it's the second time they've done that. I thought the first time was a one off until now but obviously there's a reason for the price difference between them and the other places I deal with on some things. The ones that are cheaper are because they're not being carried in inventory despite what the website says about being in stock and they don't incur and pass on any stock keeping costs.
  6. Man who was robbed, beaten outside subway station calls for more security at TTC stops
  7. Watch the movie "Deliverance". It's a documentary and it explains everything about Hamilton including HSR.
  8. Politcians. They never do that either. Along with management. And union reps.
  9. You do know you get in trouble around here if you read the National Post, right?
  10. TTC calls for $1M subway-pushing lawsuit to be dismissed; says pusher, victim at fault "Lawyers for the TTC also claim the victim shares blame for the incident because "she was travelling alone and unassisted on public transit when she knew or ought to have known that it was unsafe for her to do so."" Halfway through 2022, the TTC tacitly mounts an argument that women should be chaperoned while riding the subway. Unbelievable.
  11. Scrap yards don't warehouse old vehicles anymore. They break them up and sell the metal content off for cash pretty much right away instead of keeping cash tied up in inventory.
  12. When I was a little kid, an investor bought a house diagonally opposite ours and was having it gutted to turn into a rental. It was a hot summer day. The fire investigation was something else: what happened was the renovation crew was using gasoline as a solvant to dissolve the remnants of rubber carpet backing off the hardwood floors. They broke for lunch and shut all the windows because they had a tool theft several days before and eventually the vapours met the gas stove pilot light in the kitchen and the place went up in an inferno. I was at a friend's house and the friend's mother suggested we go outside and see if we could find where this burning smell was coming from and we went out, saw the flames and went back in and told her the house three doors down was on fire and she dropped what she was doing and ran outside to see. We ended up going across the street to my family's house and watched the fire department put it out from my bedroom window on the second floor where we had an elevated view of the whole thing. The place burned to a crisp. Neighbours were giving firefighters towels soaked with water to cool off. Several months later, a different friend and I took a look around on a quiet Sunday morning and found a basement window that hadn't been boarded up and we snuck inside. The whole house was charred. We got up to the ground floor and the second floor but didn't try to get to the third floor. The heat was so intense the bathroom fixtures melted. The fire completely destroyed that house though. Walking through it and seeing everything burned and melted It sat for months while all the investigations and claims took place and then it got torn down. I can't really describe how destroyed that place was. My friend and I were lucky we got through unscathed when we explored it. I'm sure if I was my full adult weight, I would've gone through the floor.
  13. Interestingly, this came up at work this morning. The guy who took over from me had been contacted by one of our counterparts in a branch plant because they have openings and wanted to know if anyone based in Toronto would be willing to relocate. The main selling point was "it's cheaper here", which is the first thing that anyone looking to pilfer staff from Toronto brings up. Personally, that's come up twice before this when they've looked for staff because I've backfilled satellite plants for close to 10 years. However, the problem is I've got my cost of living structured here pretty low which means that "it's cheaper here" in the other locations may be true compared to the GTA in general, but it's not cheaper than what I've got here and moving would result in an increase over what it costs for me to exist now. The second half of the problem is I'm at the top of my payband and our wages are set nationally which means I wouldn't be getting a raise. I'd be paying the expense of moving and absorbing an ongoing jump in the cost of living but I wouldn't be earning any more money so, no. I actually did look into this pretty in depth about two years ago and found out the company's moving assistance is pretty stingy when they relocate employees. One of the managers said I might get $500. That wouldn't pay the cost of enough U-Haul truck rental to move house. These days, it probably wouldn't even cover the gas for the U-Haul truck. Much as I've grown to dislike the GTA over time, I can't make the numbers work better by moving elsewhere, at least for this company. If I were to get a compelling job offer for a different position in-company or externally, I'd be willing to relocate.
  14. Today's eyeroller comes from Facebook Marketplace: No, that machine doesn't play that kind of record...
  15. This sort of thing is a sore spot with me too. The Metro store at the plaza up the street from me used to be 24 hour. It was great when I was on the 4:00-midnight shift and I'd get off the highway, cruise down the main street in the area to the plaza, pick up whatever I needed while it was quiet and then zip around the corner home and call it a night. The same was true about being able to get things before heading out to a midnight start without having to worry about getting it all done before the 9:00 PM closing time that all the stores have settled on in this area. Unfortunately, that ended when they renotaved the store and they started closing it overnight to provide time for the construction work. The hours never got put back once they finished and I asked about it several times but all I got was softball excuses. The worst was when they put this awful 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM shift on at work for a number of years. Thankfully that has since been abandoned because it was a nightmare trying to get anything done by the time you factor in the commute time on either side of those hours. Everything's set up around a 9-5 world and if you happen to work shifts, get stuffed, figure out a way to work around it.
  16. When I think of 3295, like I said in the previous post, this is what I comes to mind from the same place Leary is from: Somewhere between Yonge and Bathurst, I realized I was on the TTC’s 3295 which actually probably can be chartered despite Leary, not that it’s particularly interesting.
  17. One of my acquaintances at SEPTA was a manager that came up through streetcars and upper management bounced him to one of the Market-Frankford carhouses briefly. They started familiarizing him on the M4 cars and the line and that was one of the big adjustments for him on the half training run he had was blasting through switches at full speed. Not slowly, not stop and proceed, but full MAS. The half training run was because the second half was cancelled when the control centre had a crew from a train that died take over and put the training train into passenger service. The stint at the Market-Frankford shop was similarly short lived before going back to trolleys.
  18. Oh god, I walked by a TV and caught about 10 seconds of a Public Health Canada combined COVID-19 and Monkeypox update which was about 11 seconds too much for me and left me hearing the music and the line "...there ain't no life on monkey island..." with that guitar behind it and the song got stuck in my head:
  19. 2017 sounds about right. I don't think we're going to see PCCs back on the Harbourfront, at least not this year for sure. Remember they stopped it and Brad Ross said something to the effect that it wasn't because they couldn't, but they needed to concentrate on keeping the CLRVs running with the pandemic happening right after keeping the CLRVs running became a non-issue. Now it's the overhead wire and lack of pantographs. One of the justifications the TTC had for the insane charter rates was that the public didn't need to charter the PCC, they could go ride it down on the Harbourfront except even that got taken away without any return in sight.
  20. The TTC charter price escalation has been legendary for at least 10 years now so it shouldn't be news to anyone except new people. The problems with the historic fleet unfortunately run a bit more extensive than the refusal to put pantographs on them. 4500 has been sidelined for a couple of years even before the pandemic started because the wheels need to be replaced. The treads are thin enough that they got condemned, apparently. This one I actually believe; if you look at charter pictures from 25+ years ago, you can see how thin the wheels were in the late 1990s and add in what use it had before the TTC skyrocketed charter prices which caused use to drop off a cliff. 2766 was always very infrequently chartered because of the requirement to have an extra car on either side. This was hung on a report written by Ray Corley and the justification was no track brakes. Merited or not, this policy priced 2766 so high that Peter Witt charters were very rare when they were possible and it hasn't even been listed as available on the TTC charter page in four or five years, maybe more. The fact that a CLRV or PCC is a "request quote" item basically means it's now in the category of if you have to ask, you can't afford it. So yes, the TTC has been told to keep a historic fleet, it isn't usable or accessibly priced anymore. Malicious compliance is still compliance. With Rick Leary here, they're going to become the equivalent of 3295 and the Type 5 except you can at least see those from one of the platforms at Boylston unlike here where they're stored out of sight.
  21. Thanks, it turned out well. What really set the ham off was the three little pieces of cherry wood I put on the grill. That gave it a very faint, sweet smokey flavour without being overpowering. I've never done that before, I only really use smoke wood in the smoker and on the coals in there. Between me mowing the lawn and then doing that plus the multigenerational Indian family that moved in two doors away, the miserable neighbour in between the two of us must've been grinding her teeth! Shucks.
  22. It’s nice enough to be out in a T-shirt barbecuing and I’ll probably eat out here as well tonight. Sunday was cook stuff that was getting close to hitting the best before date. Chicken medallions and a small ham plus a small bonfire after a friend arrived: The 2022 back yard season is finally, finally open even if it’s been a touch on the cool side.
  23. Booze-free pedal pubs and $300 fines for wine in the park: Toronto’s idea of summer fun (alternate link) Oh brother, "booze-free pedal pubs"? Does this sound like the beverage version of the "Toronto a la Cart" fiasco from 15+ years ago?
  24. Gateway Newstands — a mainstay of TTC stations — goes into creditor protection after getting slammed by the pandemic (alternate link) I haven't been using the subway much lately. Any feet on the ground reports of franchisees folding shops in the stations?
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