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  1. I was wondering if this is a response to COVID-19 and they're figuring on a lot more takeout business. It is a complete reversal from the whole idea of staying in and lingering over coffee which has famously been abused by customers getting something, then sitting down for hours and hours on end using their laptops as if Starbucks is a replacement office or study hall. I remember being in more than one Starbucks where it was impossible to get a set and I stood there counting the number of laptops and number of power bars that had been thrown down on the floor so all these laptops could b
  2. The politicians have hitched everything on the vaccine. Everything. If they hadn't come through, the situation we'd be in now would've been abysmal because they've been unable and, frankly, unwilling to work around COVID-19 and it's been go sideways indefinitely until vaccine rollout. Even then we're hearing all sorts of things about how things can't go back to normal even after mass inoculation. Take away the big incentive there and it'll be a lot harder for people who are nervous or skeptical to get over their hesitancy to get vaccinated and that's bad news. What the pandemic has done i
  3. Lovely. I haven't heard anything about any of the thousand dollar tickets that were issued back in the spring getting resolved one way or another yet and it looks like another round of that nonsense has already started up in Quebec. I saw another article this morning saying that homeless there were being given tickets too but where are they supposed to go? The issued us updated essential services worker letters yesterday so I'll have to print that out before I head to the building Saturday morning and hope for the best. That list I wrote up a few posts back? I forgot a big one. T
  4. Really, it's piling up more of the same that's been going on in one form or another for the last few months that clearly isn't working. What's noticeable by absence is: No paid sick leave No quarantine hotels for sick workers who can't isolate at home Nothing to address spread in commercial/industrial environments like the Amazon warehouses No labour protections to address all of the issues surrounding workplace spread I could probably add to the list except I need to go to the store so I'm trying to be quick. As of Thursday, leaving to go to the store at
  5. Ah ok, I didn't realize that's exactly what you were thinking about. I agree, it's far easier to stop a ship before it sails compared to getting it to turn around and come back after it's about to disappear over the horizon. To that end, the latest blustering out of Doug Ford on Friday and yesterday has me seriously confused. We've been hearing so much about a curfew the last week or so but now government sources are saying no curfew. They're also saying no restrictions on movement within Ontario. The whole province is already under a lockdown so if curfew is now off the list and restrict
  6. Maybe! We'll find out tomorrow morning. The Christmas music was still playing today though and Burl Ives was imploring me to have a holly jolly Christmas while I was passing through to get my coffee this morning. Mistletoe? MistleNO!
  7. The unfortunate problem that can't really be avoided is we're coming at that side of it with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight and that there's no reliable way to tell it's going to become a pandemic ahead of time. If we go down that road, we'd be shutting the world down every time my cat sneezes just in case it might be an indication of something major about to break out, when it's more likely a reliable indicator that I don't run the vacuum cleaner around the house often enough. Honestly, at this point, every time I get asked if I've been out of the country in the last 14 days, I say no.
  8. Between Trudeau and Co.'s short notice right before a three day weekend announcement that all incoming air travellers to Canada have to have a negative PCR (not rapid) test within 72 hours of their flight's departure and still have to quarantine for two weeks after landing even if's negative - which it will be since they won't be allowed to fly into the country if it's positive - leading to a hell of a scramble going on now, we can now add Doug Ford's announcement today for voluntary testing for international arrivals who've already tested negative once before and still have to quarantine for
  9. It's still going. I got serenaded to the tune of "Marshmallow World" when I went for coffee. I'm going to have fun seeing how far into the new year they push this.
  10. I passed through the food court in the building next door to work on my way to my favourite coffee place this morning. The music's playing on the PA system. It's an undertalented female vocalist attempting to sing along to a mediocre backing band which, to be fair, is a lot of music for the last 20-25 years or so but then I heard the word "mistletoe" being croaked as the band clanked along. I stopped to wonder if I misheard. No, this lady's shrieking and croaking about mistletoe while the band's attempting to do something with their instruments that would've probably sounded better if they
  11. Agreed. The bulge from Christmas to New Year's hasn't finished yet and that will only complete pretty close to January 23rd which pretty much guarantees at least one more 28 day period. I'm curious if they're only planning in 28 day blocks or if they have an actual plan for something longer but they're only announcing it to the public in 28 day increments much like the "two weeks" business from the first go round. Long term effects? Too early to tell. I'm living with the long term effects of nearly getting blown to smithereens and some of the later consequences emerged at the 9 year m
  12. I guess was/still is too early when that strategy report was prepared with the electric bus trial still underway to start ordering electric buses in quantity. I'm curious to see when procurement changes to straight electrics instead of hybrids. As for the baker's dozen streetcars significantly later at higher prices, I guess there's a strategy there although I'm not entirely sure what it is. The BS artist politicians can no doubt find a way to spin it.
  13. I know, a regrettable mistake. An unfortunate decision. A poor choice. But hey, that almost three weeks must've been nice until CFRB 1010 caught wind of it and broke the story. What really grates me is this lame excuse-making drivel is coming out of the mouth of the same John Tory that had city staff throwing the book at kids sliding down hills before the snow melted. I read the article you linked to and it's a rogue's gallery of misbehaving politicians that have been slapped on the wrist, if that, while directing everyone else to suffer. I'm concerned about hospital capacity too. I
  14. This state of affairs is something. Yes, pot's been legal in Canada for a while and it's led to this strange situation where there've been jokes made about how pot's legal, hair cuts are illegal and the hippies have won up here. I'm glad we went through on having that get together. Last night, I was talking with someone I haven't heard from in quite a long time and the decline in that person's mental health shook me up pretty badly. I know everyone's been getting rough around the edges but that conversation left me deeply worried. We're making plans to do a clandestine get together at som
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