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  1. Absolutely beautifully crusted, slow roasted eye of round roast. These cuts of beef are very lean so you have to go slowly with them otherwise they dry out and turn into shoe leather. But if you go slowly, you can avoid that like this one - look at all that au jus that came out when I carved it. Changed up the sides slightly and did Yukon golds for the mashed potatoes.
  2. Writing from the benefit of about a day later and seeing the backlash that's resulted from the general public, the responses from the medical community, and police department after police department issue carefully worded statements that they're not going to voluntarily walk into a giant mess, I've come to this conclusion: That hour long press conference yesterday was a disaster that completely destroyed what credibility, public goodwill and buy-in the Government of Ontario had with handling the pandemic. Not only is the pandemic still with us, it's the worst it's ever been. Blowing
  3. I don’t think it’s going to be just racial profiling. The bad old days of policing in Ontario was a lot more than just racial profiling. They went after LGBT2Q etc, they’d beat the shit out of anyone that didn’t give them “the proper respect”, there’s been plenty of books written about the Toronto department from the 1989s back. You guys have seen me joke around in the sightings thread whenever I see one of the Events Support buses about how it’s on the Cherry Beach Express route. I think most of the people here are to young to have gotten the joke but go YouTube and play the song. Lis
  4. I'm disappointed nobody in the media calling questions asked about this, granted there was a lot of new stuff to ask about, but what on earth is it going to take to mandate the paid sick days? For crying out loud, Jeff Bezos can afford to stump a couple of weeks of wages whenever someone in one of those Charles Dickens-ian nightmare fulfilment centres of his gets laid out sick. So can Galen Weston. So can the Walton family. So can the rest of the lot of them. I did not think it would be this nasty, this draconian, this extensively backed up with heavy handed enforcement meas
  5. This is like listening to a greatest hits compilation album: The Worst Of 2020 As soon as this disgusting spectacle is over, I'm going for a long walk.
  6. Either CBC's having problems getting the live stream out or Doug Ford's running late for his own press conference as usual. Who knows, they could be down to the wire deciding whether or not they're going to ban eat-in dining in your own kitchen? You can cook in there but as soon as that food's ready, you'd better take it out in the back yard to eat otherwise you're getting a thousand dollar ticket? Or last minute debate about whether or not to grant shoot-on-sight authorization for the police during curfew hours? I have no idea. I just wish they'd get it over with. What is
  7. Cool. In either case, I'm glad the buses are being put to good use instead of perfectly good vehicles getting scrapped. I'm still kind of surprised that the data in the electronic sign controller wasn't wiped before they let that one go though, so it's complete with the website and other Oakville Transit branding as soon as it's started up and the power comes on. Being parked at that east Windsor used car lot with the Oakville stuff on the display whenever the power's on is a bit disjointed. That car lot dosen't strike me as the kind of place that serves you champagne and caviar while the
  8. This one's from Sunday. A couple of football friends and I got together in Toronto to toss a ball around and run some drills. We've all been out of it for quite a while now. I'm getting over a knee injury. Who knew that going for a walk with a cup of coffee on one of the first warm days back in late February would blow out a knee after being a government mandated couch potato. Annoyingly, I haven't been able to ease the knee back in at the gym since there is no gym. We all had a great time. I think the highight for me was a timed 40 yard dash. I thought it was going to be horri
  9. I don't know what they're going to announce tomorrow. The headline on the Toronto Star's website changed sometime this evening to say a curfew's unlikely. I don't know what else they can restrict other than making it an around the clock curfew except we already have that in theory with the stay at home order. A curfew would be cruel now that the days are getting longer and the weather's getting nicer and it's starting to become possible to enjoy being outdoors again. 8:00 PM and you'd better be back home or else you'd better damn well be able to prove that you have an infallible essent
  10. There's a neat pair of articles on the CBC Toronto website this morning: TTC may add extra service on overnight route after man posts photo of inside of crowded bus So the night bus is a total shambles packed with essential services workers who have early shift times. As usual, that's normal, nothing to see here, move on, except with the pandemic this should not be happening if we're taking public health seriously for real instead of virtue signalling about it. Tellingly, comments are not allowed on this article. Then there's this one: Shut down travel between provinces t
  11. They got all that stuff but missed wiping the website from the electronic sign.
  12. I looked at the Kijiji seller's other vehicles and of everything on offer including the bus, there's only two there that make the cut for Oakville: the 2012 Mercedez Benz CLS, getting a bit old but would be fine as a second car, and the Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas which they've got mislabelled as a Vanden Plus. It's Vanden Plas. It looks like it's in beautiful shape and fast becoming a classic. That's Oakville Transit suitable to be seen crusing down Lakeshore Rd. in. Seriously, it is pretty wild seeing a bus with dealer plates on it. And someone at Oakville Transit's going to get in troub
  13. What was the concern? They used to run Orion 7 bash'n'crash buses, both diesel and hybrid, on that route to replace RTSs that had problems with things like the doors flying open during the high speed runs on the 427 section of the line among other problems. The Orion 7s at the time were seen as a necessary safety improvement.
  14. The federal budget that comes down on Monday is going to be an interesting one to watch. It's been widely reported that Doug Ford suddenly wants to build the Hamilton LRT after scrapping it but only if someone else picks up part of the cost and LIUNA has looked into that. LIUNA got a pretty severe object lesson in why trade unions don't typically endorse conservative politicians after Doug Ford yoinked that huge project out from under their members who would've been building it. What will be interesting to see in the budget is if the federal government comes to the table with a funding
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