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  1. Yeah, the gapping tripped me up. I didn't check a roster and tried to go by memory on that one. So the previous 4603 I've got in the picture at National Capital is the first 4603. I'll have to ask if the trucks went out for overhaul before the COVID stuff started up. Hopefully by the time they come back the pandemic will have calmed down and the car can get recommissioned.
  2. My mistake then. I thought that number had been held by one of the used PCCs previously.
  3. So I was talking with a friend last night and the subject of some relics like the Peter Witt skeleton up by the Haliburton Scout Reserve and the mess hall at Camp Endobanah which is not far from there, which was a wartime building from the Eglinton division that was surplussed, taken apart then moved and reassembled at the camp came up along with 2890 at Seashore. One of the reasons Seashore wanted a Toronto Peter Witt was because of the generous amount of windows which would provide a good view of the line for passengers if they were to get it regauged and running which in turn brought up the subject of the Peter Witt that's built into a cottage up near Pointe Au Baril as an enclosed porch/sunroom/living room type deal. I wonder, from the part of the roof profile visible, if it might've been a Brill. Does anybody know what the fleet number of this one was?
  4. I saw 4603 this afternoon on Lakeshore Rd. as it passed me by on the way home. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a picture and in trying to, missed whether it was running in service or doing mileage accumulation. Since I wasn’t able to get a picture of the current 4603, here’s a picture of the previous 4603. Some people may even remember the 4603 before this one too.
  5. I hear you. The last day I was at work on site, most of the food court places were open because they’re mom and pop operations. The one notable closure was McDonalds I guess because big corporate decided to pull the plug. The stall was shuttered but employees were inside inventorying food and I think maybe packing it up to be removed. I couldn’t tell for sure. The rest of them, all but one or two were open and trying to make whatever sales they could but in all honesty, there might have been enough traffic to maybe keep one place busy. I saw one of the ladies who runs the Manchu Wok stand hurrying in the direction of the subway crying and it broke my heart. It broke my heart seeing these people standing there open, hardly any customers in sight, losing their shirts and seeing their small businesses circling the drain faster and faster. I hope the federal relief reaches them soon. And for sure, a walk on a sunny day isn’t something I’ll be taking for granted again either. I’m digging into a seriously late brunch. As soon as I finish eating that, I’m going to head into the back yard, refill the bird feeders, and make some calls and find out how some friends of mine I haven’t heard from recently are doing. At the rate I’m going at today, tomorrow is going to be brutal when the alarm clock goes off. My work from home is over so I have to drag myself into crappy Toronto tomorrow morning. It’ll be interesting in kind of a morbid way to see who’s sticking it out at the food court a week and a half later and who’s packed it in, at least for now.
  6. I'm working from home and I've got Kenny Rogers' show at Glastonbury playing. I figured since he just passed recently, I'd take a listen and I've been enjoying it.
  7. The other thing I was thinking about was how the big three automotive companies plus a number of others shut down production over the health concerns arising from COVID-19. But think about this: There's also a pretty significant side benefit in that they aren't turning out a glut of inventory that'll have to be sold at an extreme discount to move since 2020 is definitely going to be a slow year for sales. Anyhow, even with all the essential businesses remaining open, with stores restricting hours plus the number of customers inside at a time, plus the fact I'm still working because I'm in an essential category myself, getting to stores while they're open and being able to get in outside of my work hours may be a bit dicey so I stocked up on a cross section of food, toiletries, pet stuff etc. to last for a couple of weeks. I never thought living in the middle of Canada I'd be mentally going through an inventory of the house and checking when I get home to see for everything I have open and in use, do I have one more on the shelf that I haven't started yet? And then gone out and bought accordingly. Now for the headscratcher. I dropped by the auto shop today and confirmed that they're open because I'm doing a ton of driving for work right now. They are, but a lot of dealer networks have closed down so if they need dealer parts if something isn't available third party or after market, they're SOL. Chrysler and Audi/VW were mentioned specifically. Exempting automotive repair shops is great but quickly becomes ineffective if the parts distribution infrastructure is closed down. Irony? All of the electronics supply houses I deal with have sent out messages saying that they're doing what it takes to keep stuff moving while maintaining public and employee safety. Which means in about a week, it'll be easier to get parts to fix CLRVs than it will be to fix Dodge minivans.
  8. Ah if it's a power vented water heater that blows the exhaust out the side of the house, the blower motor could've gone. The old style that exhaust up a traditional chimney didn't have motors and really had very little to go wrong on them. Were they able to repair it for you today?
  9. WTF, indeed. From BlogTO: Van Loaded With Groceries For Families In Need Gets Towed by Toronto Parking Authority If there was every anything that nailed to a T how Toronto went from being "The city that works" when I was young back in the Walk The Dinosaur days to the third rate, small minded, cheap, miserly, nasty moneygrubbing shithole that it is now, this would be it.
  10. The irony is, depending on the terms of the contract, the warranty period might only start when it's accepted by TTC now despite being one of the oldest cars.
  11. I read this article on CBC earlier: Consumers could face hit to credit scores, jump in payments from mortgage deferrals I was talking with friends about this after the big mortgage deferral announcement the big five banks dropped that got renters upset and everyone agreed that the banks weren’t going to be doing this out of charity, that there’s be some angle being played, that they were going to absolutely make sure there was something in it for them, that they weren’t going to actually give out a dime of assistance. And that appears to be the case. The renters who got upset shouldn’t be, really, since all the banks are doing is allowing people paying mortgages to rework part of their payment schedule and pay for the privilege of doing so. I’m sure the commercial landlord companies wouldn’t object to allowing tenants to defer rent payments now in exchange for a larger total payment later. Nothing’s being given away here despite the impression the initial announcement made. I agree with the one person in the article who said don’t do it unless you absolutely have to.
  12. Ouch. Is the boiler for your heating system or domestic hot water? Your situation raises a good point though. If this continues much longer there are a lot of normal things that are going to have to be adapted to continue because it isn’t going to be possible to delay them indefinitely. When things like furnaces break down, they have to be fixed and deferring them more than a little bit really isn’t possible. At what point does a decision get made that a lot of things are going to have to start up again but in a modified, cautiously executed safe form because a total shutdown is not feasible from a logistical perspective or an economic one?
  13. Good work. Keep it up! You've made it this far, I know it hasn't been easy and it isn't easy, but don't let any of the COVID-19 stuff stop you now.
  14. Oh yes! I try to get a long low and slow cook in when I’m off between shift rotations since there’s not enough time to do stuff like this on the days I’m working.
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