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  1. Wayside Observer

    General FML moments

    Make sure to leave a tap running in the basement. If you're without heat right now with the way temperatures are dropping, you don't want to take any chances with your pipes freezing.
  2. Wayside Observer

    Vintage TTC and GTA transit system photos thread

    The real flashback - literally - would be if someone got video of the subway running during that storm as the third rail got progressively iced in the various open cuts until it got so bad they had to shut the outdoor sections of the lines down. That was an impressive light show of flashing and arcing.
  3. Wayside Observer

    TTC Trolley Coach reminescing

    Same here. I can't find some of mine and I wonder if they got split up the last time I moved. I'll have to take a look at the site. It's been a few years and I'm sure it's been updated several times at least. The wires would also sometimes sing before the coach arrived too. Whatever ears or switches the poles were passing by upstream would twang and it would carry down the wires so in some locations, you had fairly reliable audible cue that your bus was coming soon even if it was still out of sight around a corner. Yes, Nortown. Just due to location, I ended up using the Eglinton div. trolleycoach lines all the time but rarely ever set foot on the lines that ran out of Lansdowne, which seems to be the opposite of most people who rode Lansdowne trolleycoaches but not the three lines out of Eglinton. Unfortunately, it's way, way too late to do anything about that now.
  4. Wayside Observer

    PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    By short narrow Presto machines, do you mean the yellow balance checkers? Those display the time left.
  5. Wayside Observer

    TTC Trolley Coach reminescing

    It's an interesting question for sure but I don't have an answer for that one and I'm curious as well. I doubt the weights would've been too far apart though but if anything, the Flyers were a touch light and lightly loaded coaches were known to handle poorly in bad weather and they could take a while to stop when at speed. It happened to me on one of the downhill sections of Avenue Rd. a couple of times where the driver couldn't get a fast moving Flyer stopped in time for my stop and I'd end up getting dropped off at the next one. There were two crosswalks where there are traffic lights now and traffic wasn't as heavy either so they could and did get moving in places once they turned off Eglinton. If I remember correctly, Flyer shipped the bus bodies in primer and the TTC did the final paint jobs on them in house at Hillcrest along with the equipment transplants from the donor CCF Brills. My understanding is that the original motor generator sets were replaced with motor alternator sets to power the AC ballast fluorescent lighting on the Flyers with a rectifier stack to make DC for the control power and battery charging circuits. The 1970s PCC rebuild program didn't get started in earnest until the CCF Brill -> Flyer project was done because of the shop time and space it was occupying at Hillcrest. Speaking of Flyers on Avenue Rd. at speed, there was a park a bit less than a block in from Avenue Rd. and after dark on warm summer and fall evenings once traffic died down you could still barely hear the Flyers passing by. When there was no other traffic, and any other engine sound buried it, if you listened carefully, you could hear the whirring sound of the tires briefly as it passed by but that was it. The subtlety of how quiet those buses were at full speed was impressive.
  6. Wayside Observer

    TTC Trolley Coach reminescing

    It was a whole new body and empty bodies were shipped to the TTC from Flyer, and the TTC did the equipment transplant at Hillcrest.
  7. All of them! Don't you know who the premier of Ontario is? The war on the car's over!
  8. Wayside Observer

    Vintage TTC and GTA transit system photos thread

    That's a nice little time capsule. Passengers holding Eaton's, Simpson's, BiWay shopping bags, almost a who's who of long gone retail, the yellow vitrolite tiles at Bloor station before the big remodel on the Yonge subway level and the yellow police car once he got out of the subway. I took a look at a couple of that guy's other videos and it looks like he shot most of them on the weekends in the late 1980s when most of the interesting stuff was parked, unfortunately. On a weekday or even on a Saturday a few years earlier and there have been more neat stuff out running.
  9. Wayside Observer

    TTC CLRV/ALRV updates and discussion

    4229, 4230, and 4204 were on Long Branch about 7:30 this morning. An abundance of ALRVs.
  10. Wayside Observer

    What are your New Year's resolutions for 2019?

    That's good! Quitting smoking's going to probably be the most challenging with how powerful nicotine addiction is. The gym resolution on my side's been deferred until next week just because of how work and a number of personal events have unfolded schedulewise. I am resting in peace. On the couch, with the cat, and a crackling fire, nice and cosy watching the temperature drop on my outdoor thermometer, and slowly recovering from that game. We all got bashed up pretty badly except for the guy who arrived seriously late but that's the reality of full contact football with a short bench especially indoor because it's a faster, harder game due to the field size and the way the nominal one hour game is split into two 25 minute periods instead of 15 minute quarters. It was lots of fun though. But wow, playing line for 25 minutes uninterrupted before being able to get water, that's a long and thirsty 25 minutes... I don't mind you asking but I'd prefer to keep the specifics off public forum since this is open to the public and searchable.
  11. That was floated a few years ago around the time the idea of building a new TTC office building up at Yonge & York Mills was being contemplated due to the shape of 1900 Yonge and other owned real estate, and to consolidate leased office space. I think it may have been included in that proposed new building. I don't know if the new building idea is stillborn at this point but the museum idea was pretty much dead on arrival. I'm not sure if the last of the rail grinding cars was gone at that point or not.
  12. Wayside Observer

    What are your New Year's resolutions for 2019?

    Add me to the list of people wanting to find other work. I've been at my place for almost 11 years now and it's slid badly because of a number of problems. Shrinking budgets, management turnover where every new management team seeks to build a new empire in their own vision, you name it. The working hours have gotten out of control as has the workload as they've demanded more and more specialty coverage shifts but also demanded that certain systems technolgists be taken off shift rotation and available to management on fixed days. Then they parachuted a bunch of basketcases into the department and none of them work shifts. The shop absorbed their workload and two of them sit around on cadillac gold plated Monday-Friday dayshifts surfing Facebook and Kijiji all day. Apparently without repercussions too, and that really burns me because if something breaks and I don't come racing back from my meal break when my cellphone rings, there's hell to pay. The double standards, managerial entitlement, slacker entitlement, and such are bothering a lot of the people here who do the shifts and do the work and there's already been one confrontation between two of my co-workers that landed both in the HR department. Finding decent work in the GTA when you're not an office-dwelling Excel jockey and the bottom's fallen out of the industrial base here, that's another matter entirely though. It's almost a full week into 2019. How is everyone's resolutions holding up so far? On my end, not good. I haven't set foot in the gym yet this year and it's probably going to be about a week until I'm able to do so. My insane work hours are largely the cause. I'm paying for it right now too. No gym and I had an indoor football game after work last night for the first time in almost a month and the team had a short bench so I ended up playing O and D line both ways except for the last five minutes. No break and no water except for the five minute half time break and the last five minutes where they were able to get another lineman on who'd arrived late, and my body's killing me now.
  13. It really should have been done around 1988 when the fleet was being wound down. I heard that Ray Corley who was an engineer at the TTC at the time wrote a letter to upper management recommending that a train of Gloucesters be retained for historic purposes and gave a shortlist of examples within the subtypes to form an eight car historic train but the proposal was turned down. Fast forward to recent years when the idea of a TTC museum was floated and building a replica of one of the original subway cars was included in the plan being proposed. The fact that building a replica had to be contemplated just goes to show the typical Toronto shortsightedness. And yet they keep saying that this is a world class city. The M1s set the bar in many ways for sure. Does the pair that went to HCRR run? And I'd vote for an E700 too but I'm extremely biased on that.
  14. Wayside Observer

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    I wonder how many people unfairly got into trouble before she'd established her reputation and her complaints were still being taken seriously? There's a lady named Gail who lives in a condo in North Toronto and she had mobility problems so she was on crutches and she'd be really miserable about it. She'd make a point of taking her disabilities out on everyone around her and one of the things she'd do was call for WheelTrans pickups but not cancel them if she changed her mind or called for them just for the heck of it and the WheelTrans bus would show up...and wait...and wait...and wait...and eventually give up leave. Meanwhile everyone on the bus is stuck going nowhere and everyone waiting to be picked up must have been wondering where on earth their ride was. Pretty much every day, there'd be several of those "We missed you" notices stuck on the lobby door. I feel for you guys having to deal with people like this. It's a truly thankless job.
  15. Wayside Observer

    Vintage TTC and GTA transit system photos thread

    According to a number of sources, the TTC put tenders out for 100 multiple unit or single unit cars and had severe sticker shock when the bids came back. My understanding is that it was because of steel prices had gone up due to the Korean War. The aggressive cost containment resulted in the order being chopped on half to only 50 cars that were single unit and had the stripped down interiors. It would be interesting to compare the per-car price of the A6 and A7 100 car orders against the bids that were received in 1951 for another 100 and see how much the price had increased. I think the same steel costs effect on pricing was what led the TTC to search outside of North America and eventually led to the fleet of Gloucesters for the subway. Thanks for posting that. That was a trip down memory lane. The saddest part has nothing to do with the content of the video but the ending credits which read as an obituary of people who've passed away over the last 15 years or so. Most of those people are gone now.