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  1. Nice work. The charts you rounded up show how the vaccines have been working to sever the link between COVID-19 and the worst of the complications that go with it. Eventually COVID-19 becomes "meh" for the most part once enough people are vaccinated and it either goes nowhere or causes a mild feeling crappy. The case counts don't matter so much when it's a small number of people feeling crappy and stay home until they're feeling better without requiring emergency room visits, oxygen, ventilators and heroic measures. Feeling crappy vaccinated COVID-19 is pretty much feeling crappy every oth
  2. I’m not sure why it has to be a binary one or the other choice though. You could do a high capacity subway with nice stations but the problem is the legacy of Toronto’s Puritan tyrannical frugalness. The city is collectively too cheap to spend money to have nice things.
  3. Steak prices are so high they aren’t selling and they’re sitting getting short dated at the store. Then they drop the prices because they’re about to expire and blow them out which is how I got these. It’s possible to time the market on steaks. They were originally intended for last night but yesterday afternoon went sideways in a good but bad way and I got home way too late. Instead, I decided to do a very serious, very inadvertent steak and eggs brunch instead.
  4. Yeah, another long call with one of my American friends last night and we were talking about that. It definitively settles the whole "Where's Biden on this?" question about the border. Conveniently hiding behind Trudeau's border announcements letting Ottawa take the flack for it, that's where Biden is. One of the related things we were talking about were the news articles that came up every month for a while there with rumours that the white house was getting impatient with Canada and the US might unilaterally reopen the border if Canada keeps it closed but how every month, they'd quiet
  5. That was my first thought too when I saw the R-22 cylender there. One of my friends was cursing that out a few weeks ago when his central air bailed out and he checked the builder's plate and discovered it was an R-22 system. He works in HVAC too, and he tossed the idea of recharging it for that reason so he's putting in a whole new system. Talk about working on your day off. Yes, I can confirm it, they came with air conditioning. The TTC had air conditioning on the H5 cars and it was included in the order for the H6 cars and new buses started having air conditioning right around t
  6. Wanna buy a GRT bus? $7995 and up. Lots to choose from.
  7. One of the things my American friends and I have talked about over the last few months has been the, "Where is Biden on this?" question. The Canada-US border has always been a much bigger issue here than in the United States, granted, but Biden has said nothing about it at all. Trudeau's been the face in front of the cameras leading the keep it closed charge the whole time with usually a followup later on from US Customs and Border Protection saying that another 30 day extension has been agreed to. We were thinking that either it hasn't come up at all and been off the radar for the time bei
  8. I'm kind of surprised the federal government is going in so heavy on CNG buses given their whole position about electrifying to de-carbon everything. I thought they'd have pushed for battery buses instead.
  9. I just finished up a long phone call with one of my American friends a little bit ago and that's one of the things we talked about. What we think it comes down to is that they are still strongly discouraging travel and by making convenient day or short duration trips impractical, they're going to be keeping travel down even though it's not as impossible as before. This means tomorrow or the day after once the initial happiness is over and all the travel/tourism/hospitality groups look at the details and see how strongly this still discourages travel, they're going to be seriously disappointe
  10. This should get me through tonight’s midnight shift.
  11. I had coffee with a friend of mine the other night and we were talking about that part and the conclusion that we came to is this: With Canadian vaccine distribution having caught up from behind and the majority of eligible people fully vaccinated and that majority growing daily, the situation ends up eventually flipping. Instead of being everyone's problem, it becomes a problem for the unvaccinated which for the most part is the hesitant and the stragglers. At what point do we decide it's no longer everyone's problem but their problem? I hasten to add that for people that can't be vac
  12. That's what I could never figure out. The power study report said that all this negative return cabling would need to be reinstalled but never said when or why it was removed. Passing traction current return through the earth is seriously bad news because of what electrolytic corrosion does to every piece of underground utility infrastructure that's in the way so it never made sense to me why the TTC would go to the expense and trouble of removing it. Something must have gotten confused between the technical staff and whoever wrote the report.
  13. It's also not necessary. Seriously. Look at the vaccine rollout - it's past the point where 50% of the eligible people in Toronto have been fully vaccinated and far more are on their way in between first and second dose so it's going to be the vast majority who are vaccinated by the end of the summer. All a vaccine passport is going to prove is that you've got the same thing pretty much everyone else has. It would have made sense to have some sort of thing when fully vaccinated people were rare, but now with that being the majority, there's very little need. Think about it, if you're look
  14. Minor changes in the works as Canada-U.S. border restrictions set to renew (alternate link) You have got to be kidding me. With any kind of an official announcement still to come, all I can do is hope that this leak is a trial balloon to gauge public opinion before extending it yet again - and that the shit hits the fan tomorrow.
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