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    I have loved transit ever since I was little and it helps me get through life. Transit is my passion and my life. I have Autism and I have found out transit is what keeps me focused in life.

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  1. Can I save these photos I won’t share them
  2. I can confirm everyone got out safely
  3. 913 and 932 are both back in service I seen it back in February of this year
  4. does anyone have any news on 0913 I have heard from drivers that it is getting repaired does anyone have pics of that bus 

  5. Does anyone have any photos of the new buses the 30 foot buses
  6. i find that almost every transit agency wants Nova Buses of any kind for their fleet if it isnt natural gas buses for HSR it is desiel buses for burlington, toronto,mississagua and oakville to name a few i guess novas are popular the only Xeclsor orders i have seen are for the ttc and they are electric does nova bus not make electric buses but what i am trying to say is well done OC Transpo you will love them
  7. i saw 1703 on the 21 i dont think on the 6/7/8 because some trips get packed but i would like to see them on the 12,18,20,42,52A,maybe the 56 we will see on that on what with summer coming up
  8. Hamilton Street Railway(HSR) has released their 2018 NovaBus LFS Natural Gas Buses yesterday here is 1703 on Route 21 Upper Kenilworth at Heritage Green. i have also included some interior shot. look for my other post with the other pictures
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