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  1. Yep. I actually went out at 11:00 PM yesterday to try to get some XD
  2. Also, anyone know if Route 176 has its own transfers? I’ve heard that it does but I’ve never seen any before.
  3. New transfers after the Junction changes. 30 HIGH PARK and 40 JUNCTION-DUNDAS WEST
  4. As of July 2021, no. The transfers of route 107 still show ST. REGIS.
  5. This thread is a bit old but posting is still welcome! Here are the new 2021 transfers of the update route numbers, 13 AVENUE RD and 19 BAY.
  6. I find it strange that the TTC renumbered the 190 and 191 transfers, but kept the 192 even though the route has been renumbered for about 3 years now... Here’s one from today
  7. Does anyone know if it’s possible to obtain (expired or unused, presumably) booklets of transfers from the TTC? I’m looking for them for my collection
  8. @H4 5600 is the CHAPLIN transfer the same route as the present day 14 Glencairn bus? Sad that they wouldn’t print special transfers for the Santa Claus Parade nowadays. Different times...
  9. Interesting. I actually don’t have the 329 transfer in my collection and don’t know a way to get it without going out at 2-3:00 am...
  10. Calling all TTC transfer collectors! Please feel free to include scans/pictures of TTC bus/streetcar transfers in this thread. I’m trying to collect all the routes, and I’m missing a few, especially blue night. If you have any blue night transfers please add to this thread. Discontinued routes are also welcomed but I am interested in any TTC transfer.
  11. I think the 30 should be extended to Dundas West. Maybe run another limited-service route on High Park to Runnymede, similar to the proposed changes to the 40. The 80B elimination is also a good idea because the TTC doesn’t need to run more buses on a less congested loop. The 512, however, should be extended to Jane, but that will cost millions of dollars to the government if they place and maintain tracks west of Gunn’s loop. The link to the junction changes have been removed from ttc’s website.
  12. No, I’m talking about the system that the lights are running on. They seem to malfunction 1/3 of the time at Islington. No bus when the light is on.
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