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  1. Does anyone know where I can find information about what routes have what runs at certain times.
  2. That’s why I’m thinking send a few Nova Hybrids for 927 service. This like when Arrow got 79xx’s for the 191 when the DD50’s left for Birchmount and Eglinton
  3. These two are also joined by an unknown flexity, could tell the fleet number from the photo I saw
  4. Caught 1370 on the 79A this morning (For a better shot check my Instagram in a few weeks @ttc_guy)
  5. Can I recommend maybe creating a list on your phone and then near the end of the day post a whole list, if the vehicles from earlier aren’t still on then say, from example: TTC 3174 was on route 60. Also, we don’t need you to tell us the divisions, we are all smart and have access to the wiki.
  6. I think most of the time people can just connect to the 102 after few stops. Extending the 902 to Steeles would prove more effective for these workers.
  7. According to planespotters.net the 737-800 are being removed from the fleet. The A321 fleet is partially in service, especially the brand new A321neoLRs
  8. TTC 8055 is on the 35 7930 was on the 35 3248 was on the 189
  9. TTC Guy


    Cool, thanks for the information!
  10. Is there any idea when 4471 and 4478 will be returned to the city?
  11. I live close so everytime I pass I see what time the next random bus is coming
  12. TTC Guy


    Why do airlines like Aeroméxico operate US registered aircraft. I’ve seen this with Avianca and Volaris as well but mostly Aeroméxico. Why is this?
  13. At least one vehicle from each division were on the 35 last night plus 1404, 8650 an 8793 were all on the 935
  14. Probably a stupid question but here goes. Is there any plan for what is to come to Islington Stn once Miway moves out?
  15. I saw W109 and W111 in the past few days
  16. The 35 is always very busy with lots of Rads all days of the week. I’ve found it’s mostly Mt. Dennis on weekends and mostly Queensway on Weekdays
  17. 3568 was on the 315 last night Screenshot credit to @Transit_Insider on Instagram
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