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  1. Doesn’t seem to make sense why, do you have a source that you got this from?
  2. Was on the 927 this morning and is currently on the 108 so I’m calling movement.
  3. 3272 is tracking at Arrow, don’t know if it’s a movement or not though
  4. Yup, 3715-3724 to Bmt, 3700-3714 will stay at Arrow
  5. Rode TTC 8495 and TTC 8821 on the 504C King this evening
  6. I was on a 501 car from Dufferin Gate Loop to Queen and Dovercourt in October 2022 and they stepped back at King and Dufferin
  7. I’d assume operator training is being done now
  8. For the family day event, not training Spoke to the Richard Klos of Bus Management, specifically for the XE40s ,at the MtD Family Day event, he told me that 10 pantograph chargers had just been installed at Bmt and testing is in progress with 2 buses, after the testing is complete, training will commence for operators. 10 units (3715-3724) will move to Bmt and are projected to enter service in mid-late November.
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