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  1. Entered service- 25 Hours ago 3104:119 Torbarrie
  2. M320

    Today's Special Sightings

    8793 is on 306 Carlton 7940 is also on 306 Carlton 8668 is on 506 Carlton 8434 is on 306 carlton
  3. 3242,3243,3176 and 3249 are all on property, but for some reason 3104 is now back in the garage, were it used to be blocking a bus stop for 2 days.
  4. M320

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    7575 will retire at august or july this year, according to the dispatch at birchmount.
  5. M320

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    WHAT IS THIS!!!!!! I honestly hate this shit it is annoying and garbage.... WTF? Looks like somebody forgot to pull out their retainer, or is wearing it upside down
  6. So you just get assigned a bus and if their is a problem with the bus you get to choose your own bus?
  7. I have a question for operators, do you guys get to choose any bus you want at the garage? or are you assigned to a specific bus
  8. 3229 and 3208 are at Mount Dennis, my friend told me last night. I will try to check in the afternoon if they are still there. Actually i think they left, i can’t see them.
  9. M320

    Missing in Action buses

    8962 has a cracked windshield and a cracked side mirror. It is currently at birchmount road near the garage but is parked at the 113 danforth stop.
  10. 3224 and 3245,3219 are all parked right outside the garage next to 3104 and 3185, 3239 also i saw was in the garage getting its licence plate installed.
  11. M320

    TTC Service Changes

    QSY runs for 506 have been brought up by 1 bus, using 5-6 in rush hour now. Some runs are now from 192 sometimes so keep an eye out for those wrapped buses!
  12. I have a doubt in his post. I can’t be too sure. I hope.
  13. Yeah, and 7902 i caught up with the driver, on 7904 and it wasn’t just there for a event on kingston.
  14. M320

    Paperbus Thread

    I doubt it is possible but please anyone just make me a TTC scarborough rt with new paint please guys and thank you.
  15. 505,506 might have some runs from micnicoll if there are not enough bombardier streetcars.