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  1. 10 hours ago, bluewater said:

    Has anyone from information SESSION&INTERVIEW on MAY 22, 23, & 24,  received a call for Documentation yet?

    not me. but I know one who got called for documentation 15 days after police clearance letter.

    I am still wating for the letter.

    I don't know why there is so much time differance

  2. 18 hours ago, ALL_IS_WELL said:

    Hi guys,

    Just joined the forum, below is my timeline for the hiring process:

    April 25th: applied online, after 3weeks got invitation for info session.

    May 22nd: attended info session, got the interview same day & conditional offer without job shadow or reference check.

    May 29th: medical check

    Jun 21st: received police clearance in mail, and emailed HR police clearance report on june 22nd.

    My questions is, does anyone know estimated date for them to call me for documentation?

    By seeing your medical date, I guess you attended PM sesseion. I was in the AM  and still wating for Police clearance letter. other person I know in the same session got Police letter 10 days ago did medical on May 24th still wating to be called for documentation. 

    i heard there were around 80 hires in that morning.

    If they process in order of seniority number I think It may take more than 1 month for me because i was very last person in that morning


  3. 7 hours ago, Funkyboodah said:

    You can email them to find out the status and if it's been processed.  You need your full name and date of birth.


    Thank you for your kind reply.

    I will wait another 3 business days then contact them.

    Time goes so slow :)

  4. 2 hours ago, wiggum93 said:

    Hey guys, I'm hoping someone here has some experience with this. I just emailed in my police security clearance letter and should be getting a date for documentation and then a start date soon. I am also an army reservist set to go on a course this summer. What are the chances the ttc will let me go on course this summer? Do you guys know if it will be possible to negotiate a delayed start with the ttc so that I don't start until after my course is over? The union I'm with is cupe local 2 which is different than most of you guys but any experiences from you guys will be appreciated. As far as I know the ttc is a military friendly employer. The only issue is I'm just starting out.


    Sorry for my comment not answering yours.

    Can I know when you got  job offer?

    I want to know time taken from the job offer to police clearance letter. 


  5. Hello Everyone

    I am looking forward to working with you someday :)

    here is my time line

    Mar 22 Apply

    May 22 Info, test and interview then got  job offer and booked for medical 

    May 24 Medical done

    I am wating for Police clearance letter.

    Does anyone have Idea how long it takes to get the letter?




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