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  1. poweradd

    TTC Application Process

    not me. but I know one who got called for documentation 15 days after police clearance letter. I am still wating for the letter. I don't know why there is so much time differance
  2. poweradd

    TTC Application Process

    By seeing your medical date, I guess you attended PM sesseion. I was in the AM and still wating for Police clearance letter. other person I know in the same session got Police letter 10 days ago did medical on May 24th still wating to be called for documentation. i heard there were around 80 hires in that morning. If they process in order of seniority number I think It may take more than 1 month for me because i was very last person in that morning
  3. poweradd

    TTC Application Process

    Thank you for your kind reply. I will wait another 3 business days then contact them. Time goes so slow
  4. poweradd

    TTC Application Process

    Hello Sorry for my comment not answering yours. Can I know when you got job offer? I want to know time taken from the job offer to police clearance letter. Thanks
  5. poweradd

    TTC Application Process

    Thanks for your reply. checking other time lines, I found mine takes longer than usual.
  6. poweradd

    TTC Application Process

    Hello Everyone I am looking forward to working with you someday :) here is my time line Mar 22 Apply May 22 Info, test and interview then got job offer and booked for medical May 24 Medical done I am wating for Police clearance letter. Does anyone have Idea how long it takes to get the letter? Thanks