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  1. TTC Guy said that I was misinformed, and you guys corrected me that the communication server friends were lying and you guys are telling the truth.
  2. I do not live in Toronto, but as I said from what happened in that communication server, they told me it was not in the paint anymore, but due to the posts above, I started believing you guys because you said it was still in the paint and now I am trusting you guys that it is still painted.
  3. That was the info that I had gotten from that communication server, they said that 4178 was no longer in the paint, and they said they had to unpaint it due to city funds. That is what I thought because I believed those guys in the communication server telling me no more paint, but maybe they were just playing around and 4178 is still in that paint and that was an older photo of 4178 on 505.
  4. I am in a communication server with someone else that takes photos of streetcars and they showed me photos of 4178 taken today no longer in the colorful paint, and it was on the 505 which uses streetcars now due to bus shortage.
  5. I do not live in Toronto but I did ride 4108 when I visited last year.
  6. I never knew this! Also 4108 has a weird font number in the back of the inside of the streetcar.
  7. In June, I rode 4079, 4080, 4090, 4105, 4108, 4126, 4127, 4204, and 4237. Never knew 4204 was the first and last to operate. Sad about half of these are retired, but I will miss them.
  8. 6666 also got back to service recently.
  9. NABI buses retiring, 6669 recently got back to service after being deemed retired.
  10. 7688 is on Transsee right now on 505 but it's invalid too.
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