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  1. Anybody know about streetcars in detail regarding training, driving ?
  2. Anybody assigned to street cars? I am going to start training on 20th sep for street cars
  3. Hi ppl, Any update? Now it seems they are taking long time to finish the process. Stuck after documentation, before it was medical which took 2 months. brrrrr..
  4. Today I went for documentation. Pretty much smooth process. HR describes everything in little detail. Waiting for training now.. Will take around a month from now it seems. Thanks
  5. hi, Any update from the ones who already started training. I heard lot of people are nervous and one of my friend practice turning the bus around the curve for two hours. Please leave update for training. Thanks
  6. I haven't got the list of documents they need. I am going to receive by end of this monday as per email.
  7. Hi guys. Got documentation request today. Scheduled on August 22. All the best to all waiting in queue.
  8. Got a postal mail from MTO stating that my medicals has been approved for Class C licence. Sent the email to HR and they said they haven't received any confirmation about it yet? Is that possible. anyways, Whats the next step guys?
  9. Hi called Medisys, they confirmed my medicals have been submitted to ttc and mto.Then I emailed my recruiter about the status. She said they are waiting for license upgrade preapproval before they set me up for documentation. Now what is license upgrade approval? Anyone know about it?
  10. Hi all, Once finish with training, then how many days we have to start the shift work as a TTC operator? What about the schedule timings for new comers? Is it split shift or straight. Please clarify
  11. Thank you. One more question, One of friend, his appointment was today in morning for documentation. he was asked to go to training location to give measurements for his uniform. They usually ask for sizes on documentation date?
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