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  1. Later this year, construction will start up at the complex. Buildings will be renovated, a second CNG fueling station will be built as well as technology upgrades. They plan to buy more CNG buses in the future, it won't be all electric. These diesel ones are just a half ass solution to a bigger problem. They usually fuel up buses only at night, but now they'll also do some during the day in between shifts.
  2. In light of the impending apocalypse, ridekc has decided to purchase 12 brand new Gillig's with DIESEL ENGINE'S! Will replace S148-S159. Apparently the CNG fuel depot is at max capacity and can't handle anymore volume, until more pumps are built. As for ridekc next, I don't like it period. document (1).pdf document (2).pdf
  3. The only thing I see is the new 252 route pretty much stays on 152 Hwy from Boardwalk over to the Maplewoods college, then gets back on 152 Hwy towards Liberty. I would like to see it run along Shoal Creek Parkway to the north of the college rather than it just stay on a Hwy. Say 152 from Liberty to the college, then north on Maplewoods Parkway passing by the on ramp for 152 Hwy. Maplewoods turns into N. Woodland. New Mark and Nashua neighborhoods could benefit from this. Then go west on Shoal Creek, then south on N. Oak to 152 Hwy. There's some newer subsidized apartments near 94th and N. Oak that could also benefit from this route. The only other bus route in this area would be the current 237 Limited rush hour.
  4. I wasn't expecting a full redesign of the system, mind blown away!
  5. I think the idea for the 529 is the construction workers to get to and from the new terminal. The construction workers are supposed to get a pass to ride free just like the veterans do. And to ride other routes for free. Now for the 47 & 201, I'm totally with ya on 30 minute headways!
  6. It's looking like a 529 KCI Express is in the works.
  7. Honestly I don't know, drove past it after it happened, turned around at quiktrip but then the cops had 40Hwy closed so I couldn't get a better look.
  8. I believe a dodge ram slammed on their brakes to make a last minute turn in front of cool crest. Bus didn't stand a chance.
  9. It was on the news, bus S181. They said no serious injuries which surprised me.
  10. Couldn't tell which number, but a 47 Broadway bus just destroyed a pickup on 40 Hwy tonight. Tried to get back around for a pic but the road is completely closed off.
  11. 2609 in the flesh. Also the PMax is showing up on the tracker, I keep checking back to see which buses are on Prospect out of curiosity.
  12. 3510 back in the wild with 3511 this morning!
  13. The first of the free rides start tomorrow on Prospect.
  14. Exactly. I wonder what we're going to see on Monday when Prospect Max starts.
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