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  1. 3725 on 6 Bay 3726 on 79 Scarlett Rd 3728 on 47A Landsdowne 3729 on 6 Bay 3731 on 79 Scarlett Rd 3732 on 79 Scarlett Rd
  2. Obliviously you havent payed attention to the proterra news, their back doors have been giving alot of problems and a handful of them have broke down
  3. Must've been minor, back on the route at Kennedy stn at the moment
  4. I was on board the car, we basically did a deadhead trip down Queen, we only made a few stops along the line. Was a public car
  5. Yes 4178 was the last car eastbound with the contest car (4001) following behind
  6. TTC CLRV 4178 on route 504 King at Bathurst / Front Street. Only one week remaining till the final in service CLRV is taken off the streets of Toronto.
  7. 7957 has the new white line, also can that list on the first page maybe be organized a bit or does someone have a proper list?
  8. 3731 stayed out very late just returned at 11 pm, and no it didn't break down, was in service till then
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