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  1. From what I heard the sidelined units will be returned. The main few units that are used often will be kept for atleast another two weeks
  2. Had DRT 8616 the other day and was slightly involed in a 4 car pile up on the Salem Rd off ramp for 401.
  3. 6240-6270 are running right now displaying Eglinton to Mt Dennis. 6270 has grafitti on the door side.
  4. Well hopefully they aren't informing customers of delays from 2007.
  5. Bunch of test cars be flying down eglinton nightly now.. any word on estimated opening?
  6. DRT 0102 out and about training yesterday afternoon in Oshawa.
  7. 7123 wrapped for Human Trafficking. Unvailed at OC this afternoon.
  8. I wonder why it was going east in Oshawa then
  9. Correct this is about right! Where is this company?
  10. Last night around 1:30 AM I spotted a 40 Ft Xcelsior on a flatbed at the 401 EB Inspection station in Oshawa. From what I could tell with minimal light, It was lime green stripes on a diagonal top to bottom from the front of the bus to the back. The only “logo” I could spot was a D with a white square around it. Anyone know where this bus could be going?
  11. As the old ones drop new white will replace.
  12. I had it the first day it went out. Looks sleek
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