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  1. On Canada day an artic on the 22/92 Interline had this sign
  2. 4041 has been hauled away today without its AC unit
  3. Transfers via Leslie means there is transfers to the other 54 branch to Eglinton Station as they do on street u-turn at Leslie / Eglinton
  4. 8807 has some small wrap on the drivers side for a drink company
  5. TTC 1366 is on the 116C, not that rare as Malvern does a school tripper. But is rare being at Kennedy on it
  6. Incorrect, 3502 entered service on the 84D a few weeks back
  7. 4228 is at the back of the ALRV line, the other two I could not find. A pcc is on one of the outside tracks
  8. 4226 is being chopped up as we speak and loaded onto a flatbed
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