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  1. Yesterday around 1pm I spotted a bus on the 401 Westbound at Stevenson in Oshawa. Bus looked very boxy and couldn’t make out the model. The only text I was able to make out on the bus was “Borough” in the back left section of the bus. It had a blue strip above the windows. Older model bus, nothing new or fancy. Had a rear window aswell. Sign was displaying “Garage” Anyone got any ideas on the agency?
  2. Spotted YRT Van 5025 yesterday evening in Pickering at Whites and Bayly
  3. TTC 9233 at Meadowvale Loop around 2:15 PM. Nice fully wrapped bus, sign NIS Some McNcl bus on 85A
  4. TTC 1595 going Northbound on Morningside displaying 86S Short Turn at Morningside Park. Around 6:30pm
  5. Not sure if this has been spoken about but on here it mentions a Transit Fair at Nathan Phillip Square on Aug 22. Any info regarding this?
  6. Anyone know whats happening at Kennedy Station with Line 3 being down for the past few hours due to a "Fire", now all buses are being re-directed from the station due a "Fire" at the "bays"
  7. YRT 1610 Leaving Lawrence East RT station at 7:55 AM this morning TTC 3286 on 95 York Mills turning right into Ellesmere from Morningside
  8. 8848 displaying PEOPLE IN MOTION, DETOUR ON ROUTE westbound on Kingston road at Celeste Drive
  9. Saw a Nova HEV on 102 with it today. Unsure if it was 3437.
  10. Spotted 4 car train on LE departing Ajax EB @ 7:55am. Is this normal?
  11. TTC 1125 on 15 run 39 Finch East 1108 was on 1 run 40 Junction-DW, now on 37.
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