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  1. TTC: 3422 is on the 23 1022 is on the 985 1114 is on the 8 1054 is on the 123
  2. 1315 may disappear for a little bit after a minor collision on the 116 on Kingston Rd just before Scarborough Golf Club
  3. Is the site just not working for me or does it not work for anyone?
  4. Its a picture of 4237 captioned mentioning its a Canadian Light Rail Vehicle.
  5. TTC: 9103 training on Lawrence E going WB at OrtonPark
  6. I've been wondering this also, everytime I've rode it the announcement plays and then the operator hops on and repeats the same thing.
  7. Spotted 9061 training on Kingston road at Galloway around 12:20 PM EST today.
  8. 6111 has a wrap on the closed side of the bus and the rear of the bus for 917Z service to Toronto ZOO.
  9. GO Transit has updated all Wayfinding signage at Exhibition GO Station today. Looks like a few hints of the Ontario Line have arised with the new signage unless thats the imagery they use for streetcars.
  10. 3416 was also on the 54 last night. Spotted it at Markham / Lawrence at around 8:15 PM.
  11. 8214 is also on 32, 94 run. 3641 is on 73 40 run
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