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  1. GenericBusFan2

    Transit Drawings

    Or the C50LFT
  2. GenericBusFan2

    Paperbus Thread

    Yes you can, and welcome to the Paperbus Thread.
  3. GenericBusFan2

    Paperbus Thread

    @Kashiwazaki a bit of a request, but could you please make a blank version of the Proterra Catalyst BE40? Thank you.
  4. GenericBusFan2

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Did you use a certain applitcation to make these GIFs? I am very interested.
  5. GenericBusFan2

    Paperbus Thread

    Joined it.
  6. GenericBusFan2

    Paperbus Thread

    Speaking of buses, does anyone know how to create a Grande West Vicinity?
  7. GenericBusFan2

    Paperbus Thread

    Come to think of it, where do you get your Paperbus models? I'm going to edit one for my fictional Transit agency.
  8. GenericBusFan2

    Papertrain Thread

    I want some blank light rail trains like these. If anyone could make them, please reply.
  9. Here in Seattle, King County Metro provides its RapidRide lines and local routes, along with express routes. One of their fleet consists of the New flyer XDE60s. 


    1. GenericBusFan2


      Last night, I saw a Sound Transit MCI D4500 At SeaTac International. It was out of service.

      Along with my drive from Vancouver, I came across to some Community Transit lines. One was a Gillig BRT, and another was a New Flyer D40i. Highway routes used the New flyer XDE40s. I saw Everett transit too, with the Gillig BRTs. Tomorrow, I am consider riding KCM Route 62.

  10. Just arrived in Seattle, WA! So far, I’ve seen only one bus and rode on it, the SeaTac Airport Rental Car Shuttle Gillig Advantage CNG. 😊 


  11. Heading to Seattle tonight, so I'll probably see King County Metro, Sound Transit, and Community Transit there.


  12. Thought it would be a great idea to share the buses I created recently.

    One of theme includes a 1983 Flyer D901 #901 running Route 51 (A-D routes did not exist until 1989). It is painted in the 1976-1989 Livery.


  13. GenericBusFan2

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Quick question, where do you make your maps?
  14. GenericBusFan2

    Yolobus, Unitrans & Others

    Also, being the most active in this thread, Elk Grove Transit has updated it's routes and can be found here: http://www.elkgrovecity.org/residents/transportation/transit_e-tran/new_route_information
  15. GenericBusFan2

    Yolobus, Unitrans & Others

    I’m gonna mark myself as the first one to capture a photo of the new Yolobus Gillig Advantage CNGs 🙋‍♂️