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  1. Since this move, I've noticed that the NW is now entirely populated by either older (7601-81xx) series buses - without AC - or the new CNG buses - that have bad AC. Gonna be a sweaty summer!
  2. Word is there will be one at a library at least. Took a nice sweaty ride home yesterday on IIRC 2056, they will indeed be around awhile.
  3. Time for a second consist to hit the tracks!
  4. Ahhh cool. I went the previous Friday and am not an habitual Stampede-goer so didn't know that was a thing.
  5. Wait, so it was used just last week, but only for 3-car trains? Were 3-car trains the only ones running at the time? Or did 4-car trains get diverted to the main platform? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS 🥵
  6. Well color me dumbfounded. I was sure the answer was going to be something like "2002".
  7. The news about a potential Saddledome replacement and the impending demolition and rebuild of Victoria Park station has me wondering when the last time the East platform of Victoria Park saw use?
  8. Rode it home the other day! I'm still struck by how smooth the suspension is.
  9. These buses seem to have taken over the NW! I think I've been on one every day this week, and I see them everywhere - on the 138, 299, 76, 113, etc. Not just the new fleet but 8201-8204 as well. Is this just because their garage is in the North? Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT complaining - love new stuff and breathing cleaner air is awesome. I'm just surprised at their sudden upsurge in the NW in particular.
  10. 8202 just drove by me on the 138 at 11PM. Big bus out so late, though I'm always pleased to see CNG units in my neighborhood.
  11. Until the train comes to a stop for 7 minutes because someone misbehaved or OD'd at City Hall for the 8th time that day. Or you go through a tunnel. Or it... y'know... breaks down.
  12. Would be rather shocking to watch 80% of a city commute out and back every day. Maybe by 2150 when the coasts have flooded and AB's population is ~300 million 🤣
  13. I ride the 138 daily and there is a reliable mix of every kind of bus on the route, with fleet numbers from 7600 to 8380 every day.
  14. I might be missing something but what's the yellow line on this map?
  15. So they're all in service, and presumably doing well judging by the lack of commentary on them here. Personally they're a good experience, somewhat quieter but otherwise very similar overall to their Diesel cousins. I do enjoy seeing one drive by knowing that it's producing significantly less emissions than other models. So... when's the next batch coming? 😁
  16. Phase 2 of the Airport Transit Study is in progress and will have a pair of Open Houses next week. https://www.calgary.ca/Transportation/TI/Pages/Transit-projects/Green-Line-to-Blue-Line-Connector.aspx?redirect=/airporttransitstudy Info cards from the Open Houses: https://www.calgary.ca/Transportation/TI/Documents/Transit-projects/RPR-COC-ATS-boards.pdf Notable points: More esoteric options such as monorails, unmanned wheeled rapid transit vehicles etc. are definitively ruled out. Options remaining on the table (page 9 of the above PDF)are: An APM rail service Conventional high- or low-floor LRT BRT bus service The APM is the currently favored recommended option. Whether the APM or LRT is eventually selected though, service will be independent of the Green and Blue lines, for a number of reasons (page 12 of the above PDF): Cost Effective: Service planning and operations are flexible and scalable to meet demands Allows for stations to be sized to meet Airport Transit Connection demands. A spur forces the Airport Transit Connection station platforms to accommodate 4-car-trains Customer Experience: The frequency of service is maintained for the communities north of Airport Trail on both Green Line and Blue Line The frequency of service for the Airport Transit Connection is not limited to mainline service The system is easy-to-understand as it reduces customer confusion about which train to take at the mainline stations I have to say I'm disappointed that we won't be able to take a simple spur of the Blue Line right from downtown to the airport, but I do understand their reasons for going in this direction.
  17. Oh dear. Welp, I'll count myself lucky today then!
  18. Experience was flawless as far as I could tell from Tuscany to 8 St W. Should keep it going IMO.
  19. I lucked out this morning at Tuscany and am currently aboard 2219! I see the scratched seat, and these benches are certainly firm, but the lack of padding has given my 6'4" self a *small* but very appreciated amount of extra legroom. Station announcements are nice and clear. Ride feels solid. Braking nice and smooth. So far so good!
  20. Is there a published spec somewhere on what sort of traction power those vehicles have now vs. pre-refurb?
  21. This is a cooler answer than I expected! Thanks!
  22. Something that's been on my mind for a while. How do the station announcements work? How are they triggered? Is it location based, operator controlled, or is there some kind of external sensor that tells the trains where they are? Why are the U2s worse at "knowing" this than other models? I'm currently heading NB on the Red Line, aboard 2418 and the infotainment systems all say "Somerset-Bridlewood" on them, but we are just passing Sunnyside. I've been on a few S9 consists where once they reached Sunnyside the system corrected itself (it's frozen this time).
  23. Red Line. It was also pulling 2004 (going SB) at the back half of a 4-car consist.
  24. Currently aboard 2002 on my way to work. Go old warrior, go!
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