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  1. I went back to the beginning of this thread for a bit of past blastiness tonight. To my dismay, all but one of the linked images and videos of the Ctrain simulator no longer work. 1: Any media that exists on this thing? 2: How do I get an hour to play with it? 🤩
  2. Well as COVID numbers have climbed I did notice a drop in density on the morning and evening commutes. Then the trains were suddenly 3 cars and oh hey, there's that density again!
  3. Is it just me or are 4-car trains becoming less common these days?
  4. Increasing the seatback height would create a nice little trash trough between the seatback and window. 😆
  5. SAIT would need quite the renovation! There certainly isn't any room to expand on the NW end.
  6. With the Drop-In Center closed, there are suddenly a lot more homeless on the trains and in the stations this week. Most so far seem okay, but a constant trend I've noticed is how groups of intoxicated Natives tend to cluster in the seats at the front and back of the S200s. When the train stops and they go to leave, in their inebriated state they inevitably take too long and then get aggressive at the door closing in their faces. I'm wondering if maybe removing that little "pod" of seats and just placing more bench along the sides would help. I know, I'm advocating for the removal of the closest thing an S200 has to comfortable seating, but those areas become garbage piles pretty regularly.
  7. Just saw it too! 2003, 2031, already forgot the 3rd lol, and 2068.
  8. I notice this even today, with Tuscany and Crowfoot! As you come down the stairs at Tuscany, you naturally gravitate towards the "front" half of the train as it faces downtown. But at Crowfoot it's easier to load the "back". Then it reverses again at Dalhousie. Then it... doesn't at Brentwood haha University onwards is pretty evenly distributed.
  9. I'm on a U2 consist! 2070 at the front, 2047 second, didn't see the other two numbers. Took me a few seconds to decipher what it was coming at us it's been so long! 😆 Edit: 2070, 2047, 2030, 2013.
  10. There was a 25-minute Red Line disruption Tuesday morning, Twitter feed called it a "systems issue", curious what that was.
  11. I will visit the station in your memory! 😆
  12. Sounds like a winner to me, though I don't live in the area. A little confused at the $50 million price tag for the additional train - I was under the impression that the S200s cost about $2 million each. Four of those makes $8 million. Where does the other $42 million come in?
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