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  1. I'm heading back to the office (safely) July 3rd so this is perfect! Woohoo!
  2. Best possible time to do it really - any service issues will cause pretty minimal disruption!
  3. I drove downtown yesterday right at 5pm to grab a prescription refill and a few things from the office. Counted several instances of trains in the core with on average 5-7 people per car, 1-2 by the time they were passing Dalhousie.
  4. Half of 2002 looks like. Were others cut before scrapping? Maybe this one is headed to the Library for kids to crawl all over.
  5. Community shuttle passengers will be asked to climb in through the emergency escape hatch.
  6. In testing, or with passengers aboard?
  7. Chain him to the building til he does the same for 2423
  8. Cable-stayed if it keeps piers out of the river, IMO.
  9. 7618 just passed me by running 816 school service, it had a mobile fare reader installed too.
  10. GLO Fest is also going and there are a surprising number of people downtown checking it out, so probably a good thing there are 4-car consists out.
  11. A shame too, I might just watch that all day. I know there are sources out there based on schedule data but it's not the same.
  12. What does this leave the Stoney garage at in terms of utilized capacity?
  13. You probably passed me by at 7th St, I noticed the consist but chose to wait for the next train! 2206-2205-2204, oddly 2204 had all seats replaced, 2205 and 2206 are half-and-half. Seems odd since the intention of the refurb program was to remove the padded seats that can be damaged so easily.
  14. I've been on this consist a few times now but just realized that 2205 has two "butt bars" but two of the seats are still in place. EDIT: Maybe I haven't been on that consist before, it was coupled to 2204 and another I didn't see in a 3-car group. I guess that makes two in-service refurb consists now?
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