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  1. This just seems... so wrong. Is there some kind of long-term plan to have it refit and returned to service? Now that we've taken delivery of the last of the S200s for a while, is there a production run of spare parts on its way here? With the S10 purchase effectively dead, getting every vehicle possible into service should be a priority.
  2. Two refurbs, 2212 and one other whose number I didn't catch, paired with two Series 8s, not in service, just passed me SB at Crowfoot station.
  3. I don't think I've ever seen a real rush-hour inspection. After 8:45 or 9AM, sure.
  4. I did a double-take on that first photo, thinking someone had invented an articulated double-decker! What a beast that would be!
  5. I rode a Muni S200 consist just two weeks ago (got to do the cable cars and Caltrain on the same day too, great day!) and its neat to see how similar yet different they are. Obviously the different door layout, and I imagine those sliding stairs are probably a maintenance headache, but they also have the terrible side seats (though I think their backs are ever-so-slightly higher) and the drive system makes the same sounds. So it's kinda both reassuring and troubling that both fleets have similar parts issues. Are there any other S200 operators out there yet?
  6. Do these things not come with manufacturers warranties?
  7. Could there be some kind of refit/update program in the works, aimed at addressing issues with the model?
  8. I just saw 2466 at the head of a consist at 7 st W and noticed its headlights shut off when it came to a stop and the doors opened, and they came on again the same instant the doors went red. Is this something new?
  9. Passed a dead (no lights) SD160 consist stuck between Brentwood and Dalhousie this morning backing up the Red Line NB. I've been on a few of those that run into electrical and door problems, guess that's why they're going out for refurbs.
  10. I predict we will have U2s tottering along until 2030 and will eventually buy Edmonton's before UCP will allow more S200 purchases. OR by the time they do the S200 will be a discontinued model and we'll have to buy a new, incompatible design.
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