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  1. U2 consist going west through downtown on Blue Line just now. I was going the other way so didn't catch numbers but I think the last one was 2043.
  2. Operator was the gentleman who gives greetings and weather updates on entering and leaving downtown, so I imagine he knows all the tricks haha!
  3. I am on a pre-refurb SD-160 consist (in 2264) and the route signs say "201" beside the usual Red Line/Tuscany rotation. First time seeing this!
  4. I certainly don't miss them when it's especially warm or cold out, or when they break down! This could be from a fever dream, but I recall reading something a while back that mentioned how the energy from the regenerative braking systems of all the newer trains is put to ground, and it has something to do with keeping the system compatible with U2s? Doesn't make sense to me but it's been at the back of my mind for a while now.
  5. Saw a refurb consist sitting on the Northland tail track all powered up just seconds ago. See that from time to time, do they sit there if they are having some kind of issue!
  6. Article says the pedestrian was transported to Foothills... But PLC is literally right there...?
  7. The 138 stops in a similar looking loop at the West end of Citadel where it used to turn around and head back through towards Crowfoot, as the 199. Now it just stops there for a bit and continues on to Royal Oak and Tuscany Station, rocking rather ponderously around the sloped bend. I wonder how long until that gets removed too?
  8. I went back to the beginning of this thread for a bit of past blastiness tonight. To my dismay, all but one of the linked images and videos of the Ctrain simulator no longer work. 1: Any media that exists on this thing? 2: How do I get an hour to play with it?
  9. Well as COVID numbers have climbed I did notice a drop in density on the morning and evening commutes. Then the trains were suddenly 3 cars and oh hey, there's that density again!
  10. Is it just me or are 4-car trains becoming less common these days?
  11. Increasing the seatback height would create a nice little trash trough between the seatback and window.
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