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  1. 2046-2044-2007 WB Blue Line 1st St station just now.
  2. Another day, another trip on 2090-2048?-2071 from SB Crowfoot. The 205x twins with 2009 were right behind it.
  3. 2018-2009-2061, just now, with a slightly different perspective.
  4. It just passed EB through the core so probably the return trip from that photo! Another consist was just behind it but did not catch numbers. Plenty of them out every day still!
  5. Frequency on Red line appears to be decent enough for the evening rush. I just left 8 st and the train isn't remotely crowded. The previous train left just a few minutes before. The next train appeared as soon as we had switched tracks heading out of the core. Operations appear to be on point!
  6. Just boarded 2090-2048-2071 at 8 st W for the turnaround to head back NW.
  7. Was just involved in this. Lots of people at the 8 St W platform heading out as I was heading in from the NW. Most in-bound folks got off the train and just walked east along 7th. I needed to get to Centre St so walked to 9th Ave and caught the shuttle. Shuttle itself was not terribly full. Not bad all things considered.
  8. 2071-2048-2090 on Red Line this morning. Have not caught that combo yet. And isn't 2090 the franken-car that won't die?
  9. Will these 15 be enough to finally, definitively, and completely retire the remaining U2 fleet?
  10. I took a very short trip on 2020 later last night. Brought a co-worker from out of town. He was quite fascinated by how we operate both very-modern trains (first ride was on an S200) and also these relics made in West Germany!
  11. Any word on when a new batch of these will be arriving? D40LF scrapping is continuing so there must be a pipeline? What about the Community Transit Fund purchase?
  12. Time for a picture. One of two consists I saw today.
  13. Presumably the same consist ending in 2013 out this morning, Red Line passing Dalhousie at 8:17. This has turned from a retirement thread into a spotting thread! These things just won't go away!
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