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  1. Mazinger Z

    TTC Application Process

    I've noticed a few of us have had to get the sleep apnea disorder checked before the TTC will give you a documentation date. There is a silver lining in all of this. Your badge number/seniority is created on your medical date. I was held back for 2 months before I was cleared. When I went in for documentation I was number 1 in seniority within my signing group, I was 200 lower than most of the people there. Also, looking at the new operator board at my division, I have noticed that my badge is lower than at least 15 other operators, I just finished my 3 days of route familiarization and start my first real crew on Sunday. So, all you sleep apnea guys, be patient, your time will come. Just make sure you use that CPAP machine religiously and keep it on for at least 80% of the time during the month and your result will be fine.
  2. Mazinger Z

    TTC Application Process

    1. Yes, it will delay your processing, 2. If the sleep clinic detects sleep apnea (I had bad sleep apnea.) They will recommend that you get a CPAP machine to help you sleep and breath properly in your sleep. You then have to use it continuously for 1 month without fail, as they need to get data to show that your sleep apnea is being treated and that you are not sleepy or drowsy during the day. The sleep doctor will then write a report for you that shows you have passed and you can pass that along to Medisys. It took me 2 months to get through that.
  3. Mazinger Z

    TTC Application Process

    Bought a leather KUNY knife/pliers holder for $6.39 + tax from Rona.
  4. Mazinger Z

    sin number/card documentation

    I didn't have mine, but I was able to use my 2017 T4 at my documentation.
  5. Mazinger Z

    TTC Application Process

    How is the drive on the Don Valley Express 144 route? It looks like you would spend a lot of time in traffic on the Parkway and once you hit downtown, especially during rush hour.
  6. Mazinger Z

    TTC Application Process

    Honestly, the receptionist gave me a paper for sleep care canada and told me to call one of the locations to make an appointment. I was able to make one within a week.
  7. Mazinger Z

    TTC Application Process

    My medical was on Feb. 16. The doctor who examined me measured my BMI and my neck (These were questions on the forms they ask you to fill out before the medical). He asked me then if I had sleep apnea. I told him that I didn't think I did. (As well, I'm on the chubby side, so this is probably why he asked). He made a report that advised that I do a sleep test before I could move forward. I was able to do the test (I have sleep apnea). Do 3 follow ups with the sleep doctor and rectified my apnea with a CPAP machine (the requirement was to get 30 days of data from CPAP machine use). I passed and my sleep doctor wrote up a report advising that I was good to go on April 17. I got the call for documentation on May 11 to go in on May 16. Got the call for start training date today, May 17. Start date is June 4, division Eglinton.