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  1. Malvern is bumping alot of operators to Eglinton, she will most likely be one of them. A couple guys i knew in tr as training got forced out as well as about 40 others.
  2. Or you could just be a loser who couldn't pass the training. Cause im sure a divisonal trainer would have an account made 1 week ago on a Thursday at 3am. This forum is prob ur last ditch effort at trying to get it up aft Viagra nd cialis failed u. Maybe u should look into that self help book instead of trying to get it up from guys comments I feel sorry for you what a sad life. I get enjoyment from spending time with my family. My dad always said be nice to the poeple on the way up because u meet the same people on the way down. Think about it i know it will be hard for you because that statement will require you to use common sense to understand it.....
  3. Sounds like you're bitter after failing the training. You don't have to troll the forum because your sad, try a self help book.
  4. I cant understand why anybody would still be mounting curbs after 30 hours of driving.
  5. Yes email it to your HR specialist.
  6. Which routes at Mount Dennis are the most challenging? I have been assigned to this division for training.
  7. Anybody else from last fridays documentation get a start date yet? Hoping for mount dennis as well.
  8. Does HR only call about training dates on Thursdays and Fridays?
  9. Anybody out there start training for streetcar or subway lately?
  10. Is it true the premium is just 30 mins pay?
  11. Anybody have any experience as to how long after your medical assesment are you usually called if something is wrong?
  12. I thought the medical results were ins very quickly, as the conditional offer said drug test results would be available in 2-4 days, and the rest of the results are recorded the day of your medical
  13. Ya you're in trouble deepak my interview was April 31 and they called me 3 days after my interview. They also told me all previous interview session spots are full so they will only be hiring from my interview pool and later. April 31 interviews, anyone else heard back yet?
  14. He will not be getting the job as he most likely repeated himself moronically over and over during the interview.
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