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  1. That's just the trip odometer (as indicated by the "T" in the upper right) not the total vehicle odometer
  2. SOGR - State Of Good Repair, a decent length inspection checklist and repair, meant to ensure a bus is in the best shape possible for continued service
  3. 1795 is not retired, has been undergoing SOGR
  4. Actually, the Nova artics and hybrids both have 10'11" (3.33m) height clearance while Orion VII hybrids have 11'2" (3.4m) clearance as per each of their on board data plates. Either case neither would clear 2.9m.
  5. Was a 75-ish year old lady, decided was a good time to drive along obliviously into oncoming traffic, went into the bus after side swiping a van. Everybody walked away, no passengers were on the bus.
  6. Think of it not so much of a hold but as a deposit delay. You get paid 2 weeks (actually about 1.5 weeks, pay period ends Saturday, pay day is Weds) after the end of pay period.
  7. Hey guys, relatively new hire, been lurking here a bit. For the direct deposit info, just go into any of your bank's branches and request a direct deposit slip, TD just printed off a page for me with the relevant account info. (Recommend you keep that paper secure since it contains your full account number). First pay came through easily enough after the 2 week hold. The 2 week hold is likely to allow time for info to be entered and processed, TTC is not a small mom & pop organization, neither are the banks, these things take time (or did you not realize this from the length of the hiring process?)
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