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  1. If youre personable a good driver and have half a brain. You'll pass. The information session is the verrrry start of the process... Still lots of hoops you gotta jump through. I don't think you're close to the worrying stage..
  2. Ttc should add a few ev chargers in the garage/division parking lots. Good idea?
  3. I've spoke her a few times, I know she's been involved in at least 2 accidenrs. First one not being her fault. I didn't see her name on sign up, so I'm assuming she's no longer with us
  4. What's the story behind this? Did he fall asleep? Maybe s/he Really had to use the washroom? Whoa what? Which fense? How is that even possible? Did this happen recently?
  5. I live east of Durham. Gas, wear and tear, and my time driving to work everyday is more valuable than the amount of money I'm loosing. Not to mention Toronto is expensive place to live. Best of luck buying a house in Toronto on ttc salary. Housing market is insane.
  6. Whoa what? Which fense? How is that even possible?
  7. I'm the exact opposite. I prefer not to work more than 40 hours; I start to wig out if my seat time is over 8 hours. but that's what great about this job. Lots of options to suit different people.
  8. Vacation can be good aswell, but I just dislike the splits. So far Ive never received a splits on spareboard. Matter of fact on spare board at times I Recieved special work, which has me doing 1-5 hours of work then I go home. Can't complain at all on those days.
  9. There's also alot of talk that new guys get night shifts. At Eglinton, this is not true. You're most likely will get split shifts, take whatever is remaining from vacation board, or be placed on spareboard. Best bet is to Always go spareboard! Until you get your senority up.
  10. That's correct. It works out to 19 an hour.
  11. It's easier to drive/operate. But Defiantly not easier job. More traffic, rude people, no AC, dealing with intoxicated people on weekends. But hey, you will have the best view! Put your mind at ease if you're going to Eglinton.. At least 40 new guys there (including myself, 7months) and counting. Most the senior guys are nice and willing to help. many of Our routes have alot of construction (due to the new rt) going on, but our streets are wide. My only complaint is I wish Eglinton garage was alittle closer to the 401 lol
  12. Only 3$ difference which is not alot of you ask me. . Although ttc has a 2% increase for the next 3 years.. Bring us up to 36$ by 2020 Ttc training is 19, if you pass it jumps to 26 and youre on probation for 10 months. From there when you complete your first year, pay goes up to 28$ then after completing your second year you will be will make 34+ Ttc is also predicting to hire another 1000 operators in 2019. With that bring said plz.. Leave drt and apply to ttc so drt can start hiring again! Aha
  13. Hey guys.. Looking for some information in regards to DRT but this is the only forum I see online for DRT so I'm hoping someone can assist from here I'm currently working with ttc but I'm considering applying at DRT. Do new hires start part time with drt? What's the max pay as an operator? Will drt be hiring in 2019? Are the pension and benefits competitive with ttc? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  14. In the interview they told you 4 to 6 weeks when your interview is over. They will contact if you pass or fail. Id give it more time. Ttc is bombarded with new hires (including my self).
  15. Eglington Where is eglington devision fit on this list?
  16. Is anyone here starting training on Friday June 15?
  17. Also, is there a premium for working nights?
  18. I appreciate all the help for this forum.. Just have a couple more question. First question is easy.... What are clerks to the transit operator. Second... I know every operator has to stay in their position(as an operator) for at least two years. After those two years, If I applied and got the job as a special constable for example .... Does my seniority start over with the new job title or will it transfer of no matter where you work in the ttc?
  19. Do you have an idea what kind of shift I'll be doing as the new guy? Is it guaranteed split shifts or may I have the option to work nights instead?
  20. Start to training June 12 630am Anyone familiar with the Eglington division? I feel like this division will have the toughest routes and people lol
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