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  1. My fictional Solutions For Numbering scheme anomalies Rename 42 to 53 because it dosen"t kinda serves a tourist attraction (Spanish Banks).There"s no other place I can put the route nubering. 023 Could just be extended to VCC-Clark Stn (VIA TERNIAL) then it could? technecally still be in East Van (even though most of it is in the downtown penninsula) 07x could be express routes; 044 to 075, 084 to 074,032 to 072 60x-61x, South Delta,62x,South Delta Ferries,64x Tilbury. 53x Langley South(Broskwood),55x+59x regional services (until transink swallows up fraser valley). Igot the delta+ the langley routes from PG 1 of translink future dreams & aspirations.
  2. My addition to renumbering of New West bus routes: 128 -108 ,155 -105 ,105 (former C4)- 104, 104-107
  3. I was thinking the 40x could be North to South,&the 41x could be East to West routes. New Bus Signs Bridgeport half of 407,417 New Blundell Road route, 419 Route C93, 414; Francis Road route,412: C96,416 here is a translink my proposal for route 416, Eastbound routing route is going to operate via NO.3 Road,Westminister,No.4 Road,Cambie,No,5 Road,McNeelly,Jack Bell Drive,Jacombs,Cambie,Viking,Bridgeport,Knight Street Bridge. Westbound routing operates opposite of eastbound routing. If you read this then you realized that this route combines the Cambie portion or 405 & the current C96.
  4. This is a great idea overall buuuuuuuuuuuut why do you still have the 145 running with the Gondola replacing it?
  5. Also I have more ideas involving this topic Discontinue C6 because it duplicates C7 &116 Invest C6 resources on routes C96 during Sundays, & increase service to (at least )every hour on route 280,281,&282(the future Endswell farm route
  6. i am thinking that the C98 is going to extend to riverport (Maybe by fall 2019 ((because peak demand is lower in summer)))the route should be named 418
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