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  1. 18125 and 18162 returned back to Surrey
  2. 18164 and 18202 returned back to Surrey
  3. STC add 18023-18027, 18031, PCTC: 18038
  4. STC has more unwrapped: 18032 from Tswwassen Landing, 18035 from Virgin FM, last 2 highest 18000 also unwrapped and sadly 19026 unwrapped from Pride wrap, 19027 unwrapped from cute safety wrap
  5. 18029 unwrapped to clean rapidbus scheme
  6. 9201 to Richmond, saw it from someone's fb post
  7. they matched the sequence on tomorrow's R1 fleets
  8. Po Co is gonna return their Orions back to Richmond due to 555 to Richmond
  9. I hope the ad wrap won't be taken down on Monday's rapidbus in service
  10. 19020 and 19021 are running 95 and 99 right now
  11. s7485 back again into service fresh last week (christmas day)
  12. I checked somewhere around STC, I never saw any unknown statue units there: s7274, h7280, s7328, s7340, s7373, s7389, h7409, r7432, r7434, r7438, they're never running around for more than a month or two
  13. I just saw it started service at 3: 33 pm at Newton, another one, 19406 arrived and parked at Newton bay 10 at the same time
  14. s7457 back into service fresh last friday
  15. 14043 also to PoCo today rn, all the 14000 returned to PoCo
  16. no more 60 footer articulated detroit engine bus in vancouver, i missed them so much
  17. 18199 also returned to Surrey rn
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