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  1. Pictures of S7115 still running around any Surrey routes about a month, rear license plate is faded pretty bad
  2. May I share some information about retired fleets' license plate number before they retired the service? I've had a license plate topic forum if you guys wanna update license plate information
  3. to you guys I'll show you a picture of the fleet, I think this one is faded one, reissued around 2012
  4. especially the plates hang on the back of buses faded even the ones reissued 3-5 years ago like HA-xxxx, JC-xxxx, FJ-xxxx and FE-xxxx ones
  5. nice, when did these bus arrive? are they arrive at detroit engine at port kells?
  6. Flickr, BARP and bus drawings websites help for sure
  7. thanks much but some of them I browse it had blank space that haven't been updated some of them had new license plates already, I already knew some current ones and retired ones that they had before their retirements, some buses changed license plates about a year or two, if anyone wanna share this info, please reply thank you very much
  8. I think it's better to have more in Surrey lol
  9. Hi everyone, I'm Allen, I'm new here, I'd like to share anything what license plate number is at what fleet number no matter it's now or before I know S7340 still has 7103-GB most of the 2000 and 2001 New Flyer D40LF have license plates start with KV-xxxx right now Does anyone know which fleets have DJ-1626, DJ-1627, DT-3067, DT-3070 and DT-3143 before?
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