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  1. 32 minutes ago, Community Shuttle said:

    Since you're already helping us wiki editors out with the license plate numbers, is it okay if we put your photos that comply with the photography guidelines on the wiki too?

    well, it's ok thanks very much:), i didn't really know if my pic shots are good lol, you can also load some of my better shots to wiki from this forum and also other people's shots

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  2. 28 minutes ago, Express691 said:

    This is off a friend whose father is an HTC OP.


    7396 and 7383 were hauled off last night from HTC to who knows where, Scrapyard? 


    They weren't spotted at either of ABC's yards in Langley and Burnaby as far as I can tell.

    that's the reason why I didn't see S7396:(, I never see S7321 and S7357 yet

  3. 9 hours ago, gdt717 said:

    Why do they always overlook other Surrey routes.  The 502 is so crowded through most parts of the day.


    8 hours ago, 8010 said:

    I guess they want to wait until the Fraser Highway B-Line is implemented next year, but that's still too long to not do anything to reduce the overcrowding that the 502 experiences on a daily basis.

    maybe 502 will be renumber to Fraser Highway B-Line number, just like 135 renumber to 95 lol, I don't know why Surrey has few articulated 60 foot units for 96

  4. 1 hour ago, Express691 said:

    Maybe we can just have a vote to remove the column from the wiki altogether


    I was once in charge of figuring out an accident caused by a bus, and the pair wanted licence plate numbers (which instead I gave them unit numbers since those plate numbers cycle out once every few times). The bus pulled out without warning causing them to hit another vehicle; but the bus wasnt damaged. 

    Thus the only reason licence plate tracking is helpful is to help solve accidents. Still a slim chance one would need such information though since nowadays there is a photo of every bus since at least 2015 on flickr.

    I don't really know it's good idea to share license plate information of the buses. i'm sorry if this caused trouble in here to talk about it:unsure:. I know people here post photos of the fleets on flickr. I know a random fleet reissued multiple times around more than 10 years lol

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