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  1. Here are 18112 and 18113, license plates for 18112: MP-3471, 18113: MP-3549
  2. maybe 502 will be renumber to Fraser Highway B-Line number, just like 135 renumber to 95 lol, I don't know why Surrey has few articulated 60 foot units for 96
  3. I already saw it there last Friday, there're 3 new buses at Detroit Engine/Western Star dealership, didn't notice their fleet numbers on them
  4. I just saw S18104 an hour ago, license plate MP-3450 both of them are in service today, according to t-comm search
  5. I think S7321, S7357, S7389, and S7396 are retired because there are no running schedules from T-comm search, I didn't see any of them these days
  6. I just saw S18102 and S18105 today, here's my picture for S18105, license plate: MJ-3770
  7. I don't really know it's good idea to share license plate information of the buses. i'm sorry if this caused trouble in here to talk about it. I know people here post photos of the fleets on flickr. I know a random fleet reissued multiple times around more than 10 years lol
  8. S7115 reissued MJ-3761, S7329 reissued MJ-3599, S7361 reissued MJ-3744, S7368 reissued MF-8562, S7452 reissued MF-8563, S7468 reissued MF-8570, S7486 reissued MJ-3592 please keep past issued license plates number information also, thanks
  9. 7403 and 7406 had already moved to Surrey but still have R prefix even they moved to Vancouver for a period of time
  10. I saw it around evening at Newton too but didn't notice license plate number
  11. well, if they're retired, we'll miss them very much
  12. Pictures of S7115 still running around any Surrey routes about a month, rear license plate is faded pretty bad
  13. here's newly reissued one for few months
  14. May I share some information about retired fleets' license plate number before they retired the service? I've had a license plate topic forum if you guys wanna update license plate information
  15. to you guys I'll show you a picture of the fleet, I think this one is faded one, reissued around 2012
  16. especially the plates hang on the back of buses faded even the ones reissued 3-5 years ago like HA-xxxx, JC-xxxx, FJ-xxxx and FE-xxxx ones
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