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  1. 18206 returned to surrey just now
  2. s7456 refubished and backed into service on Nov 4th
  3. all the bus drivers are wearing their own formal shirts in service recently
  4. 7247 and 7274's final service were Oct 18, 7280's was last week, 7382 and 7408 were on Monday and Tuesday
  5. seems like 2019 offer has split between Hamilton and Surrey, Surrey gets 30 and last 17 for Hamilton, last 9 loaned from Surrey returned back there
  6. 18198 also return back to Surrey
  7. s18119 unwrapped, all of Guildford wrapped buses are now clean buses
  8. s18186 also unwrapped to clean from Guildford
  9. s18158 unwrapped clean from Guildford
  10. recently off service for about in a month: h7316, s7340, s7362, s7389, r7434, s7445
  11. like this wrap from summer last year?
  12. s7501 unwrapped to clean bus
  13. thanks, i think 7415 also retired when it parked among with those 3 last month at surrey's BO lot
  14. S7450 refurbished and backed into service a week or 2 ago
  15. that's right, at least 10 detroit powered from 1998 and 1999, and around 20-25 cummins from 2000 and 2001, they're all in surrey
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