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  1. 7 hours ago, Community Shuttle said:

    A new unit was just spotted today at approximately 10:50 AM ET on US 30 in NE Indiana. It's still unnumbered but will probably be in the 21400 series. It was apparently headed to final assembly in Goshen, IN. Perhaps members in or around Goshen could look out for them.

    I had seen there was one of a member put up on instagram few weeks ago

  2. 48 minutes ago, Express691 said:


    What I should have said is that *most* of the 110 RapidBuses have been grounded.

    There's no 18 series RapidBus unit assigned for today, R1s have majority of their 18 and 19 series Natural Gases, R3s have D60LFRs and R4s have 2009 Nova Hybrids and 16 and 19 series Natural Gases

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