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  1. all the bikebus units were unwrapped not really sure when
  2. R16122 unwrapped from specsaver
  3. train 413-416 another polstar 2
  4. 17506, 17539 ride and shine more than a month
  5. 21527 in service yesterday started at 4:55pm block
  6. 18130 unwrapped from a year period of reconnect
  7. spot s18137 and s18145, they have BCIT one
  8. I haven't spotted any 2018 xn40 with that wrap yet in Surrey but I spotted lots of them have roofline one
  9. all units of this order completely in service, thank you
  10. s18162 for FreshCo Chalo
  11. interesting, which type of bus will be the future training units for new hires? d40lfr or older NovaBus?
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